Faye with another award
Channel V/CCTV 11th Global Chinese Music Chart
Most Popular Female Singer
Singapore Hits Awards
Best Female vocalist
Best Asia Outstanding Female artist
Best outstanding Award
6th CCTV-MTV Music Awards
Asia Most Popular Outstanding Singer
Chinese Music Media Awards
Best Female Singer
Taiwan Golden Melody Awards
Best Female Vocalist Award
Channel V Awards
Perfection Award
China Pop Chart Awards
Most Popular HK/Taiwan Female Singer Award
Most Popular Song Award (for Carousel)
Most Outstanding Singer In Asia Award
Singapore Fashion Awards 2003
Asian Style Award
CCTV-MTV Music Award Show
Asia's Best Female Singer Award
Hong Kong Film Critics Society
Best Actress Award
Hong Kong Movie Aossoication
Best Actress Award - Chinese Odyssey 2002
13th Taiwan Gold Songs Awards (Taiwan)
Best Music Video (Fleeting Time, 流年)
Chinese Music Association (Taiwan)
Best Top 10 Single 2001
ShenZhen Award Show
Most Favourite Female Singer
Best Album (Faye Wong)
Best Top 10 Song (Fleeting Time)
Best Duet Song for a TV Series (with Liu Huan)
Channel V Award Show
Most Popular Female Singer
Most Popular Song #1
RTHK (Raido Television Hong Kong) Award Show
Most Popular Female Singer in China (Gold Award)
8 Days Fashion Awards
Style Icons Award
Metro Radio Hit Awards
Hit Song Award - Colourblind
Hit Asian Female Singer
TVB Award Show
Best song (Gold Award) - Book of Exhilaration
Best song
Most Popular Singer
Cash 2001 Award Show
Best Pop Song - Love Letter To Myself
Best Female Singing - Love Letter To Myself
Best Alternative Pop Song - The Cambria Period
Global Music 2001 Award Show
Top 20 Gold Song - "Book of Exhilaration" and "Xia Nai Er"
Best Album - "Fable"
Top 5 Best Female Singer Nomination
Best Female Singer
Best Musical Arrangement - "Xia Nai Er" by Zhang Ya Dong
Best Producer - "Fable" by Zhang Ya Dong and Alvin Leung
2nd Quarter of the Global Best Chinese Songs Award
"I Like It Much More Than You Do" (你喜歡不如我喜歡)
Chinese Grammy Award Show
Most Popular Female Singer - Hong Kong and Taiwan
Album of the Year
TVB Jade Solid Gold 1st Quarter Award Show
Awarded for Firefly
RTHK (Raido Television Hong Kong) Award Show
World Global Chinese Most Popular Female Award
Silver Best Chinese Song Award
RTHK Top 10 Gold Song Award
Nation Most Popular Female Award
1/3 Media Artist Award
Channel V Award Show
Best Song Award
New Millenium Female Singer Award
TVB Jade Solid Gold Award Show
8th Golden Song Award
Most Popular Hong Kong Female Artist In Asia
Ultimate Chit Chat Award
Ultimate Chit Chat Song Award (Love Letter)
Hit Radio Award Show
Most Stylish Female Singer
Love Letter Song Award
Hit Radio Female Singer
Hit Radio Asian Most Popular Female
TVB Jade Solid Gold 勁歌金曲 4th quarter award
104 FM Select Music Friendly Award show
Top 10 Most Popular HK Singers in Taiwan
Singapore Hits Awards 2000
Best Female Vocalist
SPVA Most Selling Album (Only Love Strangers)
Golden Disk Awards, Japan
Best selling EP in 1999 (Eyes On Me)
Channel V Awards, Beijing
Best Song Award from MTV (The Moon Then)
"New Century Female Singer", Most Popular Female Award
RTHK Top 10 chinese gold songs award
Top 10 Singer of the Year
Top 10 Song of the Year (Repayment)
Best Melody Song Award (Postman)
Most Popular Asian Female
Jade Solid Gold Final Best 10 Awards Presentation 1999
Jade Solid Gold Best 10 Award
Most Popular Asian Hong Kong Female Singer Award
Ultimate Song Chart Awards Presentation '99
My Favorite Female Singer Award
Chi Chat 903 Award
Most Broadcasted Song (Postman)
Most Favorite Female Singer
Millenium Extravaganza
Presentation of the Asian Music Award
41st Japan Record Award
Asian Music Award (excellent singers outside japan)
Singapore Hits Award
Best Female Vocalist Award
Top 10 chart song award- Give up Half Way
TVB8 Mandarin MOD award
Most popular female singer
Most Cool Female Singer
FM 104 Select
Asian's Number 1 Diva
Most Selected MTV--Quit Halfway
Most Popular Female Influence Advertisement(Voted)
S'pore Best Album(Sing&Play)
Best Album Image
Hot Idol Mom
TVB Jade Solid Gold 1st Quarter
Channel V
Best Female Artist
Top 20 Songs--To GiveUp Halfway
Song of Year--Meet in 1998[with NaYing]
UFO Music Award[tw]
Most Popular Female[silver]
1997 October Star
Best Albums and Singles Award[tw]
Best Album--Sing & Play
Best Single--Face
Best Single--To GiveUp HalfWay
21st RTHK Music Awards
Top Song--Love Commandments
Top Ten Artist
Global Chinese Most Popular Female Artist
Malaysia FM988
Most Popular Artist[Gold]
TVB Jade Solid Gold
Most Popular Female
Top 10 Song--Love Commandment
Top Song of[All Radios]--Love Commandment
Best Image Award
Malaysia Awards
Top 10 Album(3rd)--SingPlay
Gold Song--Love Commandments
Chit-Chat Awards
Most Popular Female
Top Ten Song--Love Commandments
Hit Radio Awards
Female Asian Artist of Year
Album of Year--Sing Play
Top Ten Song--Love Commandments
TVB JSG 4rd Quarter
Excuse Myself
Taiwan SchoolYard Superstar Award
Top Karaoke Awards
Song--Love Commandments
321 Action Awards
Song--"Love Commandment?"
HK Radio Voting
Most Admired Singer by HK Stars
Most Popular Female Singer
Singapore Hit Awards
Most Popular Female Singer
TVB JSG 3rd Quarter
Love Commandments
Malaysia Yu Xie Awards
Top 5 Int Orig Composed Songs--"I Don't Want..."
Best Int Orig Composed Song--"I Don't Want..."
Most Popular Int Orig Composed Song--"I Don't Want..."
Hit Radio Awards
Top Ten Song(Round 1)--"You're Happy; I'm Happy"

Golden Song Dragon Tiger Award(Tw)
Top Ten Album--Wong Fei
Song--"You're Happy; I'm Happy"
China Daily
Critics Top Ten Album--"Wong Fei"
5th Gold Heart Love Song Award
Fan Choice--Best Female
Top 10 Mand. Songs--"You're Happy; I'm Happy"
TVB Jade Solid Gold Awards
Asian-Pacific Most Popular Female
Best Mandarin Song(Bronze)--You're Happy; I'm Happy
Top Ten Commercial(Motorola)
Hit Radio Awards
Most Popular Asian Female
20th RTHK Top Ten Award
Best Lyrics("Dated")
Top Ten Song("I'm Happy; If You're Happy")
Most Improved Singer(Silver)
Top Ten Artist
Top Karaoke Awards
Top Ten Karaoke Song(2nd--Dated)
Most Loved Female(2nd)
Chit Chat Awards
Female Gold Singer
My Favorite Female Singer
Top Ten Singer of Decade
321 Chinese Music Award (Malaysia)
Most Popular Female
Gold Song(You're Happy; I'm Happy)
Most Popular Mandarine Song(You're Happy; I'm Happy)
TVB 4th Quarter
I Don't Want This Way Too
Vancouver AM 1320
My Favorite Female Singer
Malaysia TV Station
My Favorite Female Singer
Singles Hit Number One
World of Mortals
You're Happy; I'm Happy
I Don't Want This Way Too
Top Money Earner--Entertainers
Billboard Awards
Most Popular Asian-Artist Award
TVB 3rd Quarter
You're Happy; I'm Happy
Idol of the Idols Award

HK CR Billboard Awards
Top 10 Favorite Female Singer
Best Female Artist(GOLD)
Best Singer-Songwriter
TVB Jade Solid Gold Awards
Asian-Pacific Most Popular Female
Best Cover--Scandalous
19th RTHK Chinese Gold Song Awards
Top 10 Singer of the Year
Best Cover--Scandalous
Top Ten Best Selling Album
GQ[US Mag]'s Coolest Women
Hit Radio Hit Awards
Best Cover(GOLD)--Scandalous
Best Alternate Song(GOLD)--Di-Dar
Asian Best Female Artist
Top Ten Best Selling Album
Best Karaoke Song--Scandalous
FM Select Golden Heart Love Song Awards
Best Cover(Silver)--Scandalous
Singapore Gold-Song Awards
Best Album Sales(Female)--Decadent Sound of Faye
Favorite Female Singer
Asian-Pacific Most Outstanding Female Singer
Most Recognized Female Artist
Vancouver AM 1320
My Favorite Female Singer
Channel V Music Awards
Top 20 Song--Impatiences
Love Songs Award
YMC 96 Awards
Best Cover--Scandalous

MTV - Music Video Award
Best Mandarin Song - Chess
Hit Radio Hit Award
Best Asian Female Singer
Taiwin Music Awards
Album of the Year--Sky
TVB Jade Solid Gold Awards
Asian-Pacific Most Popular Female
Singapore Hit Awards
Most Popular Singer
Hit Song of the Year--Chesspiece
Popular Song--Chesspiece

TVB Jade Solid Gold Awards
Asian-Pacific Most Popular Female
HK Most Popular Female
Top 10 Song--Dream Person
Mandarin Song--Chesspiece
17th RTHK Top Ten Song Award
Top Ten Song--Cold War
Best Producer--Foolish Thoughts
New City Radio Award
Golden Female Singer
CR2 Song Awards
Golden Female Singer
Top 20 Original Songs--I'm Willing
Singapore hit Awards
Best New Comer
Best Album Production--Mystery
Best Musical Arrangement--I'm WIlling

TVB Jade Solid Gold Awards
Asian-Pacific Most Popular Female
Top 10 Song--No Regrets
CR2 Song Awards
Golden Female Singer
New City Radio Award
Golden Singer

TVB Jade Solid Gold Awards
Top 10 Song--Fragile Woman
15th RTHK Top Ten Song Award
Top 10 Song--Fragile Woman
Supreme Song Award--Fragile Woman

Misc. Years
ABU Pop Contest--Third Place
Best Newcomer('90)
Sweden Best Actress('96)--CK Express
HK Best Newcomer Actor('94)-- CK Express
TVB Quarter Finals
Second Quarter('96)--Scandalous
Fourth Quarter('94)--Sleepwalk
First Quarter('94)--Know Oneself
Third Quarter('94)--Dream Person
Second Quarter('94)--Sky Like Earth
Second Quarter('93)--No Regrets
First Quarter('93)--Seasonal Wind
Third Quarter('93)--Summer of Love
Fourth Quarter('93)--Lau Fei Fei
First Quarter('95)--Ingratiate Oneself
Third Quarter('95)--Brink of Love and Pain
Fourth Quarter9'95)--Lost Track
Extraordinary Accomplishment('96)--Most Songs on at #1(5)