Shirley Once More
[Cinepoly, 1991] During the absences of Faye, who was at the time taking time off in New York to think about her life, Cinepoly put out two albums (both compilations) of her songs from her first three albums and this is the first one of them. I think it is a pretty good compilations because that way, if you want to get Faye's early albums, you don't have to buy three; just this one. The compilation is very sufficient in covering most of Faye's "good" songs from these times.

Track & Title
1 Everything
2 However That Day (無奈那天)
3 Because of Him (多得他)
4 Can You Hold Me Tight
5 If Destined
6 Still Waiting
7 Clarinet In A Quiet Night
8 Paris Eiffel Tower Tip
9 Excuse
10 Can't Have More
11 Last Train
12 My Loneliness
13 Boring Coffee

Translated Lyrics

Because Of Him (多得他)

The very first moment I let him hug me with his arms
I felt weak, smiled, and didn't know what to do
Yet I believed I was the weakness person on earth
and therefore I needed his hugs
So let my lazy body sink into his arms

Be it in reality or in my dreams
He controlled every second of my life
I never realised his breath had urghed me to become such a fool
Led to believed I was too weak and too easily touched
Didn't know I could be reckless and carefree too

"Thanks to him", he gave me courage
Really owe it to him that now I learnt
The ending to every story is nothing but separation
Always separation
Only after I lost him
Did I realised that I didn't need his arms and I wouldn't cry or feel angry

At first I would wait for him everyday to cast away my cold feelings with his body
I admitted I was too scared of coldness so I needed my lover's warmth
Who would have guessed that I can live by myself today
If the surrounding is too cold and lonesome
I'll put on my winter clothes

At first I held his hands tight
Never loved freedom
If he let me own him forever
I would feel so fulfilled and wealthy
Who would have predicted that I have to wipe away my own tears today
No matter how long he loved me
He still flied away....

Oh no, no, no!
The kind of girl that you can let down
Thinking everything's ok
I'm only human

(Only when I lost him did I realised I don't need) LOVE

Oh~ You can't, don't let me down, don't you let me down
I'm only human...yeah!

Oh baby ~, his loving feelings had repeatedly changed me
Maybe when one loved too much
one gradually cannot define between right and wrong
Born to have a lonesome journey and I can't see my way clearly
But if I wanna see it clearly, I wouldn't need to use this spark of love to
do so!
Thank him for no longer loving me.

Oh no, Oh no.
The kind of girl that you can let down
Thinking everything's ok.
I'm only human
This girl is more than occassional
Heart as a token of love

Oh if you feel it in your heart and you understand me
Stop right where you are everybody sing along with me