Coming Home
[Cinepoly, August 1992] You know something is up when Faye finally decide to use her given funky name at birth, "Wong Fei(Faye)" and toss that conservative Wong Ching Man away. The company should not have forced her to use other names; but I guess they thought that it won't be proper to have a new artist that has a name that means "queen". What a title, huh? Anyway "Coming Home" was Faye's first album after her coming back home from her "journey." During her stay at New York, Faye learned a lot of new things, sampled all kind of music that would shape her music direction in the very near future. In New York, she often wandered the streets, sitting in coffee shops, reading Chinese philosophy. Wow! What a difference the new Faye maked! Her album became a hit and her song "Fragile Woman" help propelled her to the very top of the music scene and the stage was set. Faye was famous! The R&B influence got even stronger in this album. Faye's new found interest in English songs compelled her to have her first all-english song, "Kisses In The Wind." It's a very moving song and Faye's love for it is show through her concentration and the emotion that she puts forth when singing it.
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Track & Title
1 Romantic Storm (浪漫風暴)
2 Miss You Night and Day
3 Fragile Woman (容易受傷的女人)
4 Blind Date
5 Put the Key In the MailBox
6 These...Those...
7 Happy Tears
8 Rekindle
9 Round and Round
10Kisses In the Wind

Translated Lyrics

Fragile Woman (容易受傷的女人)

We gradually became drunk as we go deeper into the night
At this moment we are so close together
My reminiscence seems to be shaking
My dilemma grows deeply into me all the more

With my once broken heart
I let you softly attach to it today
So much relief but also doubt
Secretly growing on me again

Love is hard to resist
I am actually a woman who can be very easily broken-hearted
Please don't, please don't, please don't come and go in such a hurry
Please have pity on my heart

If you do understand me
And continue to fall madly in love
With this woman who can be very easily broken-hearted
Don't wait any longer, at this moment, kiss me passionately

Having you for a long night, it's intoxicaton but also reality
You allow me to have finally found my faith
I don't care if everything is still an uncertainty
Happiness are lovers


Kiss In The Wind

You told me one misty day (that) you'll never go away
The look in your eyes I'm so afraid
Deep in a spell feels like a spinning carousel
Are they just kisses in the wind

One day in the morning rain you came back (to) ease my pain
Will our hearts ever the same again?
Make believing there were no broken promises
But they're just kisses in the wind

* And the sun won't ever shine I guess it don't mind
Now that you're gone but I will always love you
Who'll slyrics the rain is it me to blame
Broken records and picture frames

The sun setting to the west (I'm) feeling the emptiness
Or are you saving it all the best
Pour out my heart then say we should be (far) apart
And they're just kisses in the wind

Repeat *

The evening breeze is here say good-bye (I) don't wanna cry
One last kiss my love will never die
I may be a fool my neverending love for you
To you it's just kisses in the wind