Lost And Found
[Decca Records (TW), November 13, 2002] This is getting boaring ... It's the 5th compilation out of the 6 latest releases. But there is hope; Faye already has two new songs, the lead songs to the movies "I Love You" and "Hero". "I Love You" is currently running in China, "Hero" will be out at end of December. Hopefully both these songs will be on Faye's next studio album which will the first one on the Sony label. As for as for this compilation it has nothing new so you can safely just ignore it. Despite haveing two CDs it's not that many songs and there are better compilations of Faye's music than this one in the stores.
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Track & Title

1 I'm Willing (我願意)
2 No Regrets (執迷不悔)
3 Sky (天空)
4 Chesspiece (棋子)
5 Date (約定)
6 Cold War (冷戰)
7 Impatience
8 Intoxication
9 Pledge (誓言)
1 Reservedness
2 One Thousand Words, Ten Thousand Phrases
3 Wishing We Last Forever (但願人長久)
4 Scandalous (曖昧)
5 Amaranthine
6 Comet
7 Angel (天使)
8 Lotus In The Snow
9 You Are In My Heart
10Fragile Woman (容易受傷的女人)

Translated Lyrics

I'm Willing (我願意)

Reminiscence is a profoundly mystical thing
Like a shadow following its form
Soundless and breathless, it appears out of the bottom of my heart
By the blink of an eye, it swallows me up into desolation
I don't have the strength to resist
Especially at night  OH~
Thinking about you until I am out of breath
So regrettable at this instant that I cannot
Run wildly toward you
Loudly telling you that  HM~
I am willing for you
I am willing for you
To forget who I am
For just a second longer
If I can remain under your embrace
Letting my world go won't be a pity
I am willing for you
I am willing for you
To be exiled towards the edge of the sky
Only if you genuinely could
Love me as I do to you
Anything I am willing to do
Anything, for you


No Regrets  (執迷不悔)

Composed by Yuan Wei-Ren; Lyrics by Faye Wong

This time I resolutely face
Uninhibitive obssession
I don't really mind
Whether this being right or wrong
Even if fallen deep
I don't really care
Even if I grasp on to uncertainty
I grasp on to it with no regrets

Don't say that I should give it up
That I should open my eyes
I use my heart
To see and to feel
You are not me
How can you understand
Even if I grasp on to uncertainty
Let me hold on to it with no regrets

I am not as perfect as you may think
Sometimes I also can't distinguish being right from being wrong
It's not that I don't want to walk out of uncertainty
But only this time
This time it's myself and no one else

Whose heart should I use to realize
To truly touch upon my surroundings
Even if it's pain
Even if it meant tears
It's just my self's own sorrow

Whose heart can I still use to realize
To truly touch upon my surroundings
Even if I'm fatigued
Even if it's exhaustion
I can only grasp on to uncertainty with no regrets


Sky (天空)

Why does my sky hang with wet tears?
Why is its face always gray?
Drifting on the other side of the world
Allowing loneliness to ravage, over and over
The sky draws out lengthy longing

Does your sky have memory-laced clouds?
Does it have a cold moon?
Left on the other side of the world
Allowing loneliness to consume, night after night
The sky harbours deep longing

When will our sky finally merge into one?
When will it be joined?
Waiting at separate sides of the world
Allowing loneliness to mock, year after year
The sky is stacked with longing

I hope the sky will no longer be masked with wet tears
I hope it will no longer be colored gray


Chesspiece (棋子)

Wishing to walk out from the territory that you've controlled
However I've walked into the battle that you've arranged
I don't have a rock-solid defense
Nor do I have a backroad to retreat

Wishing to escape from the trap that you've put down
However I've fallen into another deadlock
I don't have the courage to decide upon my fortunes
Nor do I have the luck to break free

I am like a piece of chess
My backs and forths are for you to determine
I am not the only queen in your eyes
But just an insignificant piece of pawn

I am like a piece of chess
My comings and goings are not for my own to decide
Making your move and not taking back, you have never wave your mind
As I am being controlled within your hands


Date (約定)

still remembering that day lodge's door-sign
still saving smiling departing expression
that day the whole city
so light-hearted
along the road together walking half-mile long street
still remembering streetlight shining a face of yellow
and illuminating that set of lukewarm take-out
silhouetted your face-contour looks too good
after freezing tears to dare look carefully
     *forgetting sky earth    feels like unable to think of oneself
yet not forgetting both agreed to watch all over sky yellow leaves flying far
if will with you separate  melacholic drama
have to determine to forget then i cannot remember
tomorrow's sky earth only afraid not recognizing oneself
yet not forgetting with you agreed to meet as if having no death
despite your strong wide chest cannot fight weather
two temples hoary can still recognize you*
still remembering that day guitar's chord
still understanding every segment of melody's curvature
that day street corner flowed your voice
along the road journey like a song diminishing
despite your strong wide chest
cannot fight weather
two temples hoary can still recognize you


Cold War (冷戰)

Composer: Tori Amos	Lyrics: Lin Xi

How can I know that I am really embracing you in silence
Like palpating a pile of mobile air
Witnessing innumerable amounts of question marks kissed away by the
Reticent you
Can I only Prevaricate myself?
Never fear, never dare to divulge you.
Heard that you and that mime fell in love
I too, like others silently act this act yet undesireable to separate
Wordless together as if you and I having a tacit understanding,
Never wanting childish disputes
But countenance, both of our countenances, inarticulately suggests this

Is cold war

How many years together yet implicit
Rumors, like wind, surround us, here and there
Never listen never speak, never think of a sentence
Fear to reveal unintentionally embarassing evidence how to face

Trample true feelings in silence
Transform into the most intriguing mime who doesn't nag or cheat
Forever silently,solitarily impersonate your lover
No matter who you are thinking of
Wordless together as if you and I having a tacit understanding
Never wanting childish disputes
Both countenance, both of your countenances, as if no speech

There is no speech
There is no speech like cold war
How many years together yet wordless
Seems like how many years covet to love neglect to say
Covet to love yet neglect to say
Let you pass by in front of my bare eyes.



Music and Lyrics: Faye Wong

september sky high people imaptient
in september
plain and boring
everything's fine
only lacking vexation


Pledge (誓言)

I thought that we could be together forever
Lots of times, I think of this and I don't want to fall asleep
If you could give me a sincere certainty
It doesn't matter; nothing matters to me

The road ahead is perhaps not too clear
After I proceed on confidently, perhaps I'll find it exhausting
Perhaps I'll want to stop but can't stop

The darker the sky becomes, the more tired my heart becomes
I saw your face, listened to your unvoiced pledge
At that moment I discovered
That one day I walked past you and didn't catch your gaze

I take my heart and give it to you to console
Is it possible for me not to have to take it back?
[Please] don't think that an assiduous heart is unbreakable
[Please] don't think that nothing matters to me



Music: Faye Wong		Lyrics: Lin Xi

Don't want to steal a second's glance at you
For fear that I'll suddenly break into a smile
That I'll naturally love to no end
That I'll suddenly scream
For the soul to disengage, disengage, disengage

Don't want to listen to your heartbeat
For fear that you'll suddenly wake
That you'll naturally say the night's too late
That you need to leave
I suddenly break into tears,
break into tears, break into tears

Don't want to own any sum of you
For fear that I'll suddenly remember
That you're actually too important
I suddenly find it hard to breathe
Will suddenly feel like screaming,
feel like jumping, feel like wanting



I always have never resisted your charm
Although all along you have never fascinated me
I always smile when I look at you
My affections are always just permeated with lightly.

I once thought of on a lonely night
You finally care about me in my room
You close your eyes and kissed me
Did not say a word, but tightly hold me in your arms

I do love you
I'll love you till the end
The first I stop being abstinent
I allowed myself to have illusions regarding the both of us

You do love me
You'll love me till the end
The first time I stop being abstinent
I believed that I can really deeply love you.


Wishing We Last Forever (但願人長久)

Translation: Dexter Tay
 "The lyrics come from an ancient poem by a famous Chinese poet, Su Sh. The
  poet is sad, anguished, and drinking, because he is separated from his lover.
  He contemplates the moon, asking when it is ever clear and round, symbolizing
  happiness and the reunion of lovers; he consoles himself with the thought that
  his lover is gazing at the same moon. Ancient Chinese(w幯y嫕) is really a
  separate language, and not easy to translate. Here is the ending of the poem,
  in a very literal and then a free translation. "

People have sadness/cheerful parting/meeting
The moon has dark cloudless circle lacking
This matter strange difficult wholly
Only wish person long time
A thousand miles share beautiful abandonment

Life is about parting and coming together
The moon has times when it is not round
Nothing is perfect [It is an entirely difficult thing]
Only wishing for eternity
No matter how far apart, it is happiness to see the same moon


Scandalous (曖昧)

Music: Chan Siu Ha		Lyrics: Lin Xi

in eyebrows and eyes seems like crying
seems not like crying
still praying for something
unable to be said
accompanying you lightly
exhaling circles of smoke
to the tip of lips
cannot say it's satisfaction
your tenderness how can one catch
closer and closer
yet never touching

la da la da da
la da da da

*tea not yet finished already turning sour
never passionately love
yet already loving each other
accompanying you going in circles everyday
that entanglement
how can it be short
your clothes today i am wearing
not keeping you yet keeping the warmth*

@loitering between something that
resembles bitterness and sweetness
cannot see through these scandalous eyes
love or sentiment borrowed to fill a night
must be returned
don't be too greedy
hesitating between something that
resembles togetherness and departure
cannot see through these scandalous eyes
it's like viscous yet still diluted
sky long turned grayish blue
want to say goodbye
yet not late@
(repeat *@@)



Music: Lau Yee Tat		Lyrics: Chow Yiu Fai

I am at the corner of sea
Yet you are at the edge of sky
Two destined stars to appear
Distantly summoning each other
Yet never running close
You and I in darkeness shining for each other

In this entanglement
Or destroyance of each other
It has been too long
I have to elude from your tender universe

Metamorphosing into a comet
No matter flying to wherever
Behind me is a scintillating memory
I am a comet
I have a wish
Leaving you
I myself
Beautifully dissappear

Between us
Is like a void
Only a weeping milky way
You are the cowboy
I am afraid to be the spinning maid
I don't want to continue the depressing poetry

Don't want
This entanglement
Don't need
The destroyance of each other
It has been too long
I'ts time for me again to return
To the world of vanity

Metamorphosing into a comet
I have only one wish
Leaving you
I myself
Beautifully metamorphosing into a comet
No matter flying to wherever
Behind me is the scintillating memory
Inumerable comets
I have only one wish
I find Myself
A beautiful story.


Angel (天使)

If possible, I wish to be more clear-headed.
If possible, I wish to be more graceful.
Pass through fog, pass through clouds,
See clear your heart.
Am I susceptible, am I too doubtful,
giving you swift news.
The love which I foolishly long to act for, is about to fly to you.
My beautiful angel heart
Is no longer mysterious.  Only for you it rests.
My gentle angel's heart
merely want you to look after me forever.
I'm willing to everyday sweetly
And wholeheartedly love you.
I don't believe in the sudden courage.
I only accept a lifetime's decision.
Pass through fog, pass through clouds,
See clear your heart.
The genuine feelings are treasured,
Not hoping it's a game.


Lotus in the Snow

(verse 1)
Snowflakes drift
Bringing with them so many memories of love
Snowflakes fly
Bringing with them so many stories of love

The lily blooms in the middle of the snow
So much hope, so many wishes
Sombrely wait for the one who has my love
Hoping that the feelings will never change

Snowflakes endlessly fly
and fill the sky

(Repeat verse 1)
The past seems like a dream long gone
So much sweetness, so much longing
Though it seems so far away now
True love stays forever in my heart

Snowflakes endlessly fly
and fill the sky


You Are In My Heart

You said you'd certainly come here to see me
You can't know how every day I long for you
Don't forget you already said
You have deep feelings for me
I hope you can return quickly
I'm waiting for yesterday's warm feeling to return

Please stay, don't go far away again
Let me speak from deep in my heart
In my heart is so much love for you
I hope I am in your heart too

I want to remember talking with you
We can always communicate heart to heart
I want to treasure the sweet days when the two of us were together
Forget that time of absence
Painful and lonely for both of us
And please don't ever heartlessly forget me

Please stay, I don't want you to go
I really love you so much
In my heart there is love for you forever
I hope I am in your heart too
(Repeat chorus)


Fragile Woman (容易受傷的女人)

We gradually became drunk as we go deeper into the night
At this moment we are so close together
My reminiscence seems to be shaking
My dilemma grows deeply into me all the more

With my once broken heart
I let you softly attach to it today
So much relief but also doubt
Secretly growing on me again

Love is hard to resist
I am actually a woman who can be very easily broken-hearted
Please don't, please don't, please don't come and go in such a hurry
Please have pity on my heart

If you do understand me
And continue to fall madly in love
With this woman who can be very easily broken-hearted
Don't wait any longer, at this moment, kiss me passionately

Having you for a long night, it's intoxicaton but also reality
You allow me to have finally found my faith
I don't care if everything is still an uncertainty
Happiness are lovers