Marie Claire Oct 2001 :: A life without dreams: Wong Faye

Some people are like a book, not hard to understand. But Faye is like a piece of
alternative music, very difficult to understand. Like the songs she wrote, not everyone can accepted, but she does not care.

...I am lazy, I only jog for a few days
...I smoke, which is unhealthy to my body
...I am straight forward,
I have bad attitude, yet I donít know how to control my emotions

...I lack patience, especially to things I donít have an interest in
...When facing fans, I always feel weird
...I donít know tai-chi, but always want to take a break
...I am not good at listening, parents donít have much control over me
...I am not a super star, so please donít worship me

There are Fayeís words written 7 years ago. When asked if she has changed, her answer
is ďhavenít change a bit!Ē

When I face my fans, it is like meeting with a group of strangers on the street. There is not much difference. They might know a lot about me, but I donít know them in person; I donít know how to communicate with them. You know? Therefore, music is a bridge to communication. I donít know how to express myself with words, because I just feel strange - like talking to a stranger.

She loves to sing, but doesnít like to be an idol.

There are too many people that idolize their role models. They feel that everything their idol does is right. Being an idol is very tiring, being a role model for other people is very

From Fayeís lyrics of {Stubborn, No Regrets} to Dou Weiís {Pledge}. From her individual work {Impatience} to her work after being a mother {Tong} and the music in {Fable}, etc., Fayeís work is a lot.

Music is an extension of expressing emotions, yet lyrics are just ideas she wants to convade in words.

Music cannot always express what one is trying to say. I do things that I like. What I
have express in music does not always mean that people can understand it and accept it.
Therefore, it cannot justify my gifted talent and my ability to write music.

I donít have any dreams or goals. It all depends on what I feel like doing.

I feel that I can do better, but what I am thinking, might not be what everyone is
expecting. If one day I can do everything that everyone likes and find a balance... then
that is what everyone wants, but very hard to accomplish.

In {Fable}, I did not find the achieve perfect satisfaction since the album is not totally based on my personal thoughts.

How about the upcoming album? Is it getting closer to what you want?

I donít think so. For an album to sale, the marketís demands are necessary.

Since you already have a great fame, do you still need the market to increase your sales?

Are you asking if I am not earning enough? (after a minute..) Yes, you can say that.


Faye wore Chanel's Fall/Winter 2001-2002 Ready-to-Wear Collection.