Wong Ching Man
[Cinepoly, November 1989] If there was ever a artist that comes out and immediately you know she will be something special; it has to be Wong Faye. A listen of Faye singing, anyone would be captured by this new artist's angelic voice. Faye was around 18 or 19 years old when she released her first professional album. After having been introduced and recommended by her teacher to a producer, Faye immediately was signed to a contract and the result was this album. Like any other new artist, Faye was molded into a package according to the company's ideas. She sang the same old teeny, poppy songs that everyone was putting out. There was nothing spectacular about it. The album did manage to squeeze a hit out: track#1, "However That Day." It's a very good slow song. Let's just say that she was still the conservative Shirley back then...

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Track & Title
1 However That Day (L`)
2 Excuses
3 If Destined
4 Delicate Hands
5 Last Train
6 Unsettled heart
7 Still The Same Old Phrase
8 Middle Person
9 Like Listening To Lies
10 New Life