[Cinepoly, June 1990] After an average debut album, the company hasn't given up on Faye yet because they know she has potential. At the early stages of Faye's music career, she was very much into R&B, and songs like "Everything" reflectes the R&B influence. I think if you like the R&B sound of Faye; this album is quite good. My guilty pleasures include "Everything," "Roaming," "Can You Hold Me Tight," "My Loneliness," and especially the emotionally "Completing To Joke Quickly" and "Crying Wall." Hmmm...that's almost the whole album. One thing you will also realize is that Faye's management and control of her voice is much better, maybe that's why this album is such a pleasure. I tell you this a great album; even if you are like me, not much fond of those teeny Canto-pop love songs.

Track & Title
1 Paris Eiffel Tower Tip
2 Everything
3 Roaming
4 Can You Hold Me Tight
5 Completing To Joke Quickly
6 My Loneliness
7 Cying Wall
8 No Regrets Tonight
9 In A Flash
11Paris Eiffel Tower Tip