[Cinepoly/Decca, November 1994] Faye has not only become the undisputed Queen of Canto-pop and the top idol (none of these she cared); she was also the identity of an industry that had none. Always feeling the pressure to top her previous sucess, Faye didn't disappoint anyone with her second mandarin album: Sky. Faye goes lighter and softer in this album as show in "Chesspiece," "Sky," "Reservedness," and "Shadow." Chesspiece is one of Fayenatics all-time favorites and Faye's great soft pieces. If you are a fan of soft hits, and great singing, then Sky is a perfect album for you. Faye sounds in mandarin... she really exploits her voice in her songs. This is one of Faye great albums, right up there with "Wong Fei."

Track & Title
1Sky (天空)
2Chesspiece (棋子)
3Angel (天使)
5Sky (Unplugged)
10Pledge (誓言)

Translated Lyrics

Sky (天空)

Why does my sky hang with wet tears?
Why is its face always gray?
Drifting on the other side of the world
Allowing loneliness to ravage, over and over
The sky draws out lengthy longing

Does your sky have memory-laced clouds?
Does it have a cold moon?
Left on the other side of the world
Allowing loneliness to consume, night after night
The sky harbours deep longing

When will our sky finally merge into one?
When will it be joined?
Waiting at separate sides of the world
Allowing loneliness to mock, year after year
The sky is stacked with longing

I hope the sky will no longer be masked with wet tears
I hope it will no longer be colored gray


Chesspiece (棋子)

Wishing to walk out from the territory that you've controlled
However I've walked into the battle that you've arranged
I don't have a rock-solid defense
Nor do I have a backroad to retreat

Wishing to escape from the trap that you've put down
However I've fallen into another deadlock
I don't have the courage to decide upon my fortunes
Nor do I have the luck to break free

I am like a piece of chess
My backs and forths are for you to determine
I am not the only queen in your eyes
But just an insignificant piece of pawn

I am like a piece of chess
My comings and goings are not for my own to decide
Making your move and not taking back, you have never wave your mind
As I am being controlled within your hands


Angel (天使)

If possible, I wish to be more clear-headed.
If possible, I wish to be more graceful.
Pass through fog, pass through clouds,
See clear your heart.
Am I susceptible, am I too doubtful,
giving you swift news.
The love which I foolishly long to act for, is about to fly to you.
My beautiful angel heart
Is no longer mysterious.  Only for you it rests.
My gentle angel's heart
merely want you to look after me forever.
I'm willing to everyday sweetly
And wholeheartedly love you.
I don't believe in the sudden courage.
I only accept a lifetime's decision.
Pass through fog, pass through clouds,
See clear your heart.
The genuine feelings are treasured,
Not hoping it's a game.



You have a name
I am only a shadow
Your heart has a shadow
I am only a name
Speak not clearly of any meaning
This matter is simply not an explanation
See not clearly of any place
Just only a scene, a mistake which I thought was right
Always replicating this love
Imitating that of the wheel's tracks
To perform the same matter without resting and stopping
Always concealing to portray my manner
To become the appearance you all along wanted
Once I started in this way, till when should I stop



I always have never resisted your charm
Although all along you have never fascinated me
I always smile when I look at you
My affections are always just permeated with lightly.

I once thought of on a lonely night
You finally care about me in my room
You close your eyes and kissed me
Did not say a word, but tightly hold me in your arms

I do love you
I'll love you till the end
The first I stop being abstinent
I allowed myself to have illusions regarding the both of us

You do love me
You'll love me till the end
The first time I stop being abstinent
I believed that I can really deeply love you.


Pledge (誓言)

I thought that we could be together forever
Lots of times, I think of this and I don't want to fall asleep
If you could give me a sincere certainty
It doesn't matter; nothing matters to me

The road ahead is perhaps not too clear
After I proceed on confidently, perhaps I'll find it exhausting
Perhaps I'll want to stop but can't stop

The darker the sky becomes, the more tired my heart becomes
I saw your face, listened to your unvoiced pledge
At that moment I discovered
That one day I walked past you and didn't catch your gaze

I take my heart and give it to you to console
Is it possible for me not to have to take it back?
[Please] don't think that an assiduous heart is unbreakable
[Please] don't think that nothing matters to me