Ingratiate Oneself
[Cinepoly, December 1994] What do you do after putting out one of the most influential albums?? Well, Faye pushes the limits - when after winning the "Most Popular Female Artist Award," she shocked the world and rapped her life in the song she wrote, "Exit". During the period of '95, Faye was beginning to hide as the media got crazy when it came to reporting on Faye. Faye has always been a shy and quiet person; so she was overwhelmed by the attention. As she spented less time in HK and not doing much on promotions, this album didn't take off. Probably, this album is underrated because with the song "Exit," many Canto-pop fans turned away from this album. "Brink of Love and Pain" and "Simple Is the Most Romantic" are great slow songs, right up there with "Fragile Woman." While "Honeymoon, is soft, but faster paced, is surprising catchy. "I Fear" is not mention often enough - it's along the lines of Random Thinking, but more poppy. Maybe too many people was expecting Faye to top Random Thinking and when it didn't, they felt disappointed. This album is not one of her greatest. With the exception of "Exit," Faye wanted to head more into the direction of "alternative" or Chinese rock as China's undeground scene became Faye's hang-out.

Track & Title
1 Ingratiate Oneself (討好自己)
2 Honeymoon (望月閣)
3 Making Ruins
4 I Fear
5 Exit
6 Simple Is The Most Romantic
7 Float
8 Brink of Love and Pain (愛與痛的邊緣)
9 Back Shadow
10Sky Doesn't Changes; Earth Changes

Translated Lyrics

Ingratiate Oneself (討好自己)

Pleasing oneself,
Trying to avoid,
Going away,

A sky full of rumours and gossip,
Be my own logic.

A group/gust of friendliness,
Handling logic,
Cover, hide,
My face,

Actually, it's all self-consciousness,
Actually, it's all deceiving oneself.


Pleasing oneself,
Try to avoid,
Float away...


Honeymoon (望月閣)

Within this time,
Can I fall in love with you
But not stop?
Don't sleep, don't rest,
Just thinking of you...

Forget the time,
Can I come closer to you?
But a breath will be blown toward the sky,
People will be like the wind,
Gently pass you by?

When I'm playful,
Can I cuddle, hug, embrace you?
Open you up
Suddenly, enjoy,
Suddenly, don't bother about anything...

When I'm bored and restless,
Can I pretend to kiss you goodbye?
An exchange of kisses,
And experience honeymoon again...

*Only want to, gently, simply,
Try parting and returning to you,
But I'm afraid to do so.

Who asked me to like you so much,
But wish for eternity and
Stay forever at the period of first love,

I want you to like me,
Just like how I love you till death do us part,
I love to spite you most,
Just like how you like to fly.*

When I'm playful,
Can I love you but
Can I be allowed to be sweet
And bitter at times?
Sometimes long,
Sometimes brief,
My meetings with you.

When I'm bored and restless,
Can I date you for sure?
Waiting for you every minute,
Wishing for another period of honeymoon,
How very curious...


I Fear

I fear of the coming of the day when we say goodbye
You and I have already dissipated into rocks full of cracks
Also fearful of the day when I can kiss your wrinkles
Rather believe that the world has immortality

I fear to see that changing kind look in your eyes
Also fearful of loving you to a point where it numbs my soul
Even more fearful of finding myself alone every night
Impossible to depend on darkness to remember your voice

*Wish I can bless, the arrival of every dream
 In dreams I can feel the warmth of your embrace
 Wish you can bless, the lover in deep sleep
 In dreams our worlds can be pulled even closer together *

I fear to longingly remember this person forever
Even more fearful that seeing you will submerge me within an illusion
Most fearful of your hair being fully covered with wind and dust
Unless this world has immortality

Once again hear and see you say you really love me
I fear that I will foolishly mistake someone else for you
Also fearful that in the distance lies that finely crumbled piano
That freely allows me to mistake your voice within mesmerizing dreams
Repeat **



Heard that 1999 will be end of the world
By that time I will have married and had child
Before the child performs evil deeds
May the lord take her to heaven
Maybe we can honour

I have problems, many unsolveable problems
I lack patience, nothing gives me satisfaction
I frequently seem impolite to people, as if I was born with this nature
I detest being a star, but ironically hope to attract attention

On reading the entertainment section of the paper
There is a grand charity performance by the stars
Many people donate money
That's our contribution
I dislike politics, it feels dangerous
Caring for society, but the society is on moral fall
Of course, there is a good side to the situation
I only believe in love, hoping for a happy family
Unfortunatley, the fortune teller told me my marriage
would not be too stable

Said when I'm 40 years old, my husband would have affairs
That makes me worried, very worried indeed

I believe there is an optimistic exit
But would there be an exit

I believe in Buddhism
Would that be of any help
I have attempted to grasp happiness
But what is happiness
The concept of happiness is so vague.


Simple Is the Most Romantic

Be simple with you, go watch a movie
The sweet parts resonating between us
Hearing the lovers in the movie sharing their intimacy
The warm feelings of the night has already been created

And then you take me to visit the evening stars
Love has not been intimately spoken, but still sounds moving
The two hearts seemed as if already been hooked up
Concerning the romantic parts let the clear wind be our witness

The simpler love gets, the more beautiful everything becomes
Every bit of warm feelings, though feeling light and trivial
But it's best to store every minute and every second into my heart
Perhaps it's because of this I love you all the more

The simpler love gets, the more beautiful everything becomes
Every bit of warm feelings also feels new and strange
Pacing back and forth between our leaning against each other
So clear and crisp, making one's heart intoxicated
Flying in the middle of the sky in this long night

The simpler love gets, the more beautiful everything becomes
Even old laughters can feel new and strange
Pacing back and forth between our leaning against each other
So clear and crisp, making one's heart intoxicated
Flying in the middle of the sky in this long night


Brink of Love And Pain (愛與痛的邊緣)

Pacing up and down in front of the road,
I look back at this period.
You have kissed my face,
a hundred, thousand times already.
Never thought,
there will be a day,
in the night's rain,
when I can't find a decision.
Leaving me lonely,
waiting from one o'clock to three.

*Unafraid of meeting you,
it's still my wish.
I still have my feelings,
need I hide them?
If you no longer wish to love me,
why tell blatant lies?
Causing me to wait and wait,
waiting for the day we recover tenderness.

#Emotion is like raindrops,
looks broken but is hard to break.
The more you think,
the more confusing.
No longer want to be entangled with you.
I have my dignity,
no longer want it hurt.

Can't help my heart,
wants to reason but it's hard to.
Goodbye to waiting,
but I still feel unfulfilled.
Forever on the brink of love and pain.
How do I make my choice?
   (repeat *##)


Back Shadow

If you smile at this moment, I wouldn't be in tears
Like a form and it's shadow the most passionate of companions
Being together everytime and everywhere
But then we can't embrace each other; trying to embrace and it would be lost
Not knowing the resemblance of each other

If you feel sad, I wouldn't be happy
Like a form and it's shadow doing the same type of movement
Coming straight upon common sense
Being close, but compare with you one step too slow, too early, ahead or
Forever casting my back against the sunlight

*Just like the reflection beside your body, a hazy shadow of your back
Neither clear nor sober, burying the true nature of mine
I cannot go afar, nor can I come to a stop
Covering my eyes, how can I clearly keep apart the vivid shadow of your back
Not making a single sound, but often inducing resonance by your left and
What a pity, you have not yet clearly seen*

If you want to move forward, I wouldn't step behind
Like a cast of shadow that cannot perform solo
There's not even a name I possess
Then again, half of it was left in your heart, the other half behind your
How is it possible to walk alone on my own


I am fast changing into a shadow
Hard to embrace, harder to abandon
Often be with you
Just like you


Can't keep apart, can't keep apart, the shadow of your back
Can't keep apart, can't keep apart, the shadow of your back