[Cinepoly, December 1995] Di-dar was right on the mark as Faye started experiementing with her new found taste in music. It might not have the likability of Random Thinking on its first listen; but Di-dar delivers lots of energy. Hits on this album includes "Di-dar," "Lost Track", "Comet", "Vacation" and "Scandalous". Faye had five of the songs at the top of all the chart simultaneously. Not much words needed, this is simply a great album! One listen to this album and you will know why Faye is the best!
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Track & Title
1 Di-Dar
2 Vacation
3 Lost Track (g)
4 Scandalous (ǬN)
5 Maybe
6 I Think
7 Like
8 One Half
9 (Untitled)

Translated Lyrics


Music: Faye Wong		Lyrics: Lin Xi

Don't want to steal a second's glance at you
For fear that I'll suddenly break into a smile
That I'll naturally love to no end
That I'll suddenly scream
For the soul to disengage, disengage, disengage

Don't want to listen to your heartbeat
For fear that you'll suddenly wake
That you'll naturally say the night's too late
That you need to leave
I suddenly break into tears,
break into tears, break into tears

Don't want to own any sum of you
For fear that I'll suddenly remember
That you're actually too important
I suddenly find it hard to breathe
Will suddenly feel like screaming,
feel like jumping, feel like wanting



Music: Faye Wong		Lyrics: Lin Xi

The clock in my heart ticks away
Counting down each moment
Preparing for the end of the trip
Well aware there's no unwaking dream
Good times end
Much like vacations end
In a silent stupor, I await it
As though rushing for school bells,
announcing that all will be repeated
Light fades and good times will end soon enough
Indulge all you can now
Be happy all you can now
Remember all you can now
But you still need to return home

The brilliant vacation ends
Can't extend the holiday
Even if it ends forever
I wouldn't think it rare
Give your heart a break
At least you've had a gulp of fresh air
How can life be all happy stories,
happy stories, happy stories
Pack up the overweight luggage
Bunk out on a plane back home
In the countdown, won't forget each minute and second
This world will be, will be,
so beautiful, so beautiful, so beautiful
But can't compare to this week
No one can prevent parting
Treat it as some accidental vacation
Treat it as a break in the gruelling days
I once loved you


Lost Track (g)

Music: C Y Kong			Lyrics: Lin Xi

Yellow is like the sunset after rain
Blue is like the men in the world
Following the road, on a far journey
Red light, Green light, Red light

*In front of me is your face's silhouette
Mesmerising, mesmerising
But turning back, I feel the story
has faded, has faded
Immersed in a journey of borderless thoughts
Why is good and bad, black and white
Never clear?

In remembrance's country, I've lost my way

Where can there be return?
Use your back shadow from the past
Attach it to my eyes
Continue to think of you
Gestures, Words, Time, Circumstances
It is April's snow
August's sound of rain
Thinking of you until until
until there can't be remembrance
Longing for you until I lose my way,
it's just as well
Unwilling to be silent

Emotions are feelings from the past
Time is yesterday's clock hand
Following the road, on a far journey
Trapped in remembrance's forest
(repeat *)


Scandalous (ǬN)

Music: Chan Siu Ha		Lyrics: Lin Xi

in eyebrows and eyes seems like crying
seems not like crying
still praying for something
unable to be said
accompanying you lightly
exhaling circles of smoke
to the tip of lips
cannot say it's satisfaction
your tenderness how can one catch
closer and closer
yet never touching

la da la da da
la da da da

*tea not yet finished already turning sour
never passionately love
yet already loving each other
accompanying you going in circles everyday
that entanglement
how can it be short
your clothes today i am wearing
not keeping you yet keeping the warmth*

@loitering between something that
resembles bitterness and sweetness
cannot see through these scandalous eyes
love or sentiment borrowed to fill a night
must be returned
don't be too greedy
hesitating between something that
resembles togetherness and departure
cannot see through these scandalous eyes
it's like viscous yet still diluted
sky long turned grayish blue
want to say goodbye
yet not late@
(repeat *@@)



Music: Alex San		Lyrics: Lin Xi

'Beard root' means sensitive
'Dark hair' means want to kiss
Perhaps everything is unrelated
Your eyes make me crazy
When 'you' are equivalent to my dreams
When I can't represent you
All these actually means you don't know where to start loving
*If I'm your question mark
Hope you're my equal sign
If missing you equivalent to kissing you
So good*
#Perhaps, numerous kind of questions, mean that our love is not thorough
Perhaps, our love is so deep with no bottom
Perhaps, love is everything, means that our mood is out of control
Perhaps, I can't find anyone better, to replace you#
Hate you means I'm good to you
Give up means I want to get
Compensation means it can't be compensated
You haven't realised these
You're foolish
Fall in love means I'm intoxicated
Hugging means I want to hug
All these actually means, it's better for love to be clarified

Repeat * #

La Ha........


I Think

Music: Cheung Yah Tung		Lyrics: Lin Xi

But not yet,
Said to be,
But it didn't happen.

Turns out, maybe I pretended to be,
Secretly in love with you, for too long,
Satisfied that I,
Myself, am happy,
Is enough.

Pretend it is so,
Love is natural,
Waiting seems...
But there's no such thing.

I just need to call out
Your name,
Still, it may not project
My heart-felt wish...

You wish, I'd tell,
Then you'd know,
Meaningless, you know,
I think, I feel,

Don't ask me why,
I do so many silly things for you.
Yes, even then, I don't have to tell you.*

Almost there, but not just yet.
If it is so,
It's still not there, yet.

Even if,
In my dream,
I call out your name,
It doesn't have to tally with reality.

It is as if,
The moon is hinting,
Matters of the heart,
Are like pictorial Chinese words,

Especially, If,
It's almost going to have
Something substancial.
Intimate, sweet feelings,
How can they explain?
Patiently explain to you?
And there's no crooked meaning,
It's because, for you,
I have become ridiculous.
Yes, but still, this cannot be stopped.
Yes, but I won't explain to you.



Music: Suzuki Syoko and Tozawa Toshimi		Lyrics: Lin Xi

Your warmth is only warming me
Your prayer
Is only congratulating me
Your caring
Aims to be close to me
Don't care about anyone else

To let your arms
Solely embrace me
Your wilderness of heart
Only peacefully sits for me
In this world I am the only one left
Not able to choose with freedom
Am I stupidly greedy?

Coming from your feelings
Solely my enjoyment
Sharing will not suffice
Can only self possessed
No matter good or bad
Possessing all

Better to have you
Tied up locked up
Your everything
Only carressed by me
Better to have The sky and the earth demolished
two people if not kissing passionately
what to do In this selfish river of love

*Coming from your feelings
 Solely my enjoyment
 A little bit is not a enough
 sweet or bitter
 o possess no matter good or bad
 Possessing all*

If you smile
It only means you're thinking of me
If you regret
It Only means you're willing to wait for me
Totally have to Save this feeling for me
Two people sharing one how can it be?

Coming from your feelings
Solely my enjoyment
Sharing is not enough
can only be self possessed
who is willing to let go
both hands

(Repeat *)

Onf Half

Music: Viktoria		Lyrics: Lin Xi

one crazed man
a countenance of safety
it's like for this waiting for life
can be
a happy woman
love does not urge equality
having sentiments will feel safe
nothing will be worried
it's like having love
is what makes a woman
if i have to be your one half
cannot be like this
how can it be like this
if you have another half
don't have to wait for you to like

all the tender sentiments
will only encircle the hearts of men
it's like unable to do anything
for love
will only hate

*if i have to be our other half
 how can it be
 if you have another half
 i can be decadent
 if loving you is my religion
 sky does not have to supervise
 but i also own half of myself
 don't need you to like (cannot be interchanged)*

(repeat *)

can only give you one half
anything else don't need you to supervise
con only give you one half
how can you not be satisfied



Music: C Y Kong		Lyrics: Lin Xi

Contradiciton imprudence delicacy
Blindness fondness and dislike
Time atmosphere and instinct
Love is which meaning?
Stupidity selfishness plus deception
Tolerance forgiveness or annoyance
Casually stubborn
Togetherness hostility frustration
Abstract happiness how can one pursuit
And who knows about love
this complicated philsophy
Who knows how to search?
Coutenance movement scent
Name position and relationship
Emotion body temperature senses
Love is which meaning?
Frankness yourself plus candidness
Friends lovers or oppenents
Smile painful weep
Elation depression awaits
Pallid luster
Euphoric sigh
And who knows about love,
this complicated philosophy
Who knows how to search?.



Music: Lau Yee Tat		Lyrics: Chow Yiu Fai

I am at the corner of sea
Yet you are at the edge of sky
Two destined stars to appear
Distantly summoning each other
Yet never running close
You and I in darkeness shining for each other

In this entanglement
Or destroyance of each other
It has been too long
I have to elude from your tender universe

Metamorphosing into a comet
No matter flying to wherever
Behind me is a scintillating memory
I am a comet
I have a wish
Leaving you
I myself
Beautifully dissappear

Between us
Is like a void
Only a weeping milky way
You are the cowboy
I am afraid to be the spinning maid
I don't want to continue the depressing poetry

Don't want
This entanglement
Don't need
The destroyance of each other
It has been too long
I'ts time for me again to return
To the world of vanity

Metamorphosing into a comet
I have only one wish
Leaving you
I myself
Beautifully metamorphosing into a comet
No matter flying to wherever
Behind me is the scintillating memory
Inumerable comets
I have only one wish
I find Myself
A beautiful story.