One Person, Two Roles
[Cinepoly, September 1995] Don't you hate EPs? I mean they only come with a few songs and most of the time the few songs are the ones you already have. Well, this EP is no different; it only has one new song, namely the title track, "One Peson; Two Roles". It's an alternative song; but one heck of a great song. You can heard these kind of songs today from singers like Andy Hui to kelly Chen to Anthony Wong to Eason Chan.

Track & Title
1One Person, Two Roles (一人分飾兩角)
2Brink of Love and Pain (愛與痛的邊緣)
3I'm Willing (我願意)
4Know Oneself And Each Other (知己知彼)
5Sky (天空)

Translated Lyrics

One Person, Two Roles (一人分飾兩角)

If there's no important business
I won't see anyone
The events in the world outside
I won't question any of them
Breaking the rules
Is my responsibility

Reality is too boring
Go for a vacation in the land of dreams
The content of made-up stories
Is not outrageous
[What is] Outrageous
Is that you are take things too seriously

Don't be too serious
Don't be so uptight
How can you take random talk for the truth?

Don't be too serious
Don't be so naive
How can you take random talk for the truth?
I'm no god

Talking to myself
I am one person
But the dialogue
Is still divided into two parts
Two parts
Just as if there were another person

Acting out a scene
Playing both parts
A drama of dreams
Holds my life together


Brink of Love And Pain (愛與痛的邊緣)

Pacing up and down in front of the road,
I look back at this period.
You have kissed my face,
a hundred, thousand times already.
Never thought,
there will be a day,
in the night's rain,
when I can't find a decision.
Leaving me lonely,
waiting from one o'clock to three.

*Unafraid of meeting you,
it's still my wish.
I still have my feelings,
need I hide them?
If you no longer wish to love me,
why tell blatant lies?
Causing me to wait and wait,
waiting for the day we recover tenderness.

#Emotion is like raindrops,
looks broken but is hard to break.
The more you think,
the more confusing.
No longer want to be entangled with you.
I have my dignity,
no longer want it hurt.

Can't help my heart,
wants to reason but it's hard to.
Goodbye to waiting,
but I still feel unfulfilled.
Forever on the brink of love and pain.
How do I make my choice?
   (repeat *##)


I'm Willing (我願意)

Reminiscence is a profoundly mystical thing
Like a shadow following its form
Soundless and breathless, it appears out of the bottom of my heart
By the blink of an eye, it swallows me up into desolation
I don't have the strength to resist
Especially at night  OH~
Thinking about you until I am out of breath
So regrettable at this instant that I cannot
Run wildly toward you
Loudly telling you that  HM~
I am willing for you
I am willing for you
To forget who I am
For just a second longer
If I can remain under your embrace
Letting my world go won't be a pity
I am willing for you
I am willing for you
To be exiled towards the edge of the sky
Only if you genuinely could
Love me as I do to you
Anything I am willing to do
Anything, for you


Sky (天空)

Why does my sky hang with wet tears?
Why is its face always gray?
Drifting on the other side of the world
Allowing loneliness to ravage, over and over
The sky draws out lengthy longing

Does your sky have memory-laced clouds?
Does it have a cold moon?
Left on the other side of the world
Allowing loneliness to consume, night after night
The sky harbours deep longing

When will our sky finally merge into one?
When will it be joined?
Waiting at separate sides of the world
Allowing loneliness to mock, year after year
The sky is stacked with longing

I hope the sky will no longer be masked with wet tears
I hope it will no longer be colored gray