Faye's '89-'97 Collection
[Cinepoly, March 1998] This compilation is from Faye's former company, Cinepoly. It's nice to have these songs in one CD, actually two, it contains Faye's cantonese songs from 89 to 97. For those people who aren't very much into poppy songs, then maybe you shouldn't buy this, but for those who love it, it's definitely for you. Many of Faye's early songs are very poppy and formulated... but Faye's voice from that period is very nice to listen to. Did you know that this collection debuted at #4 and reached #1 on IFPI...Wow!! I mean that's very good for a compilation and when you consider that Cinepoly putted out like two compilations just earlier.

Track & Title

1 Date (約定)
2 Merely Appease
3 Undercurrent (暗湧)
4 Scandalous (曖昧)
5 Di-Dar
6 One Person, Two Roles (一人分飾兩角)
7 Brink of Love and Pain (愛與痛的邊緣)
8 Honeymoon (望月閣)
9 Ingratiate Oneself (討好自己)
10Know Oneself And Each Other (知己知彼)
11Sleepwalk (夢遊)
12Dream Lover (夢中人) (Cranberries "Dreams")
13Sky Like Earth
14Like Wind (如風)
15Summer of Love
16No More Games
1 Cold War (冷戰)
2 No Regrets (執迷不悔)
3 Seasonal Gale (季埸)
4 Lau Faye Faye (流非飛)
5 Miss You Night and Day
6 Fragile Woman (容易受傷的女人)
7 Romantic Storm (浪漫風暴)
8 Because of Him (多得他)
9 Still Waiting
10Clarinet In A Quiet Night (靜夜的單簧管)
11Can You Hold Me Tight
13Paris Eiffel Tower Tip
15However That Day (無奈那天)
16Last Train

Translated Lyrics

Date (約定)

still remembering that day lodge's door-sign
still saving smiling departing expression
that day the whole city
so light-hearted
along the road together walking half-mile long street
still remembering streetlight shining a face of yellow
and illuminating that set of lukewarm take-out
silhouetted your face-contour looks too good
after freezing tears to dare look carefully
     *forgetting sky earth    feels like unable to think of oneself
yet not forgetting both agreed to watch all over sky yellow leaves flying far
if will with you separate  melacholic drama
have to determine to forget then i cannot remember
tomorrow's sky earth only afraid not recognizing oneself
yet not forgetting with you agreed to meet as if having no death
despite your strong wide chest cannot fight weather
two temples hoary can still recognize you*
still remembering that day guitar's chord
still understanding every segment of melody's curvature
that day street corner flowed your voice
along the road journey like a song diminishing
despite your strong wide chest
cannot fight weather
two temples hoary can still recognize you


Scandalous (曖昧)

Music: Chan Siu Ha		Lyrics: Lin Xi

in eyebrows and eyes seems like crying
seems not like crying
still praying for something
unable to be said
accompanying you lightly
exhaling circles of smoke
to the tip of lips
cannot say it's satisfaction
your tenderness how can one catch
closer and closer
yet never touching

la da la da da
la da da da

*tea not yet finished already turning sour
never passionately love
yet already loving each other
accompanying you going in circles everyday
that entanglement
how can it be short
your clothes today i am wearing
not keeping you yet keeping the warmth*

@loitering between something that
resembles bitterness and sweetness
cannot see through these scandalous eyes
love or sentiment borrowed to fill a night
must be returned
don't be too greedy
hesitating between something that
resembles togetherness and departure
cannot see through these scandalous eyes
it's like viscous yet still diluted
sky long turned grayish blue
want to say goodbye
yet not late@
(repeat *@@)


Merely Appease

originally wanted to depress nicely
wanted to be indulgent   but without trace of tears
wanted to ask  'yet do not have the continuing script'
really want to love each other nicely
thinking of future    yet without the present
thinking of yesterday   yet facing the future
*i do not have much   anything is sporadic
i do not ask you
why do you ask me what do i want*
@if my world has no aspiration
towards you yet having unjustified hopes
you want to constrain
merely appease  merely appease
i towards you even having no unjustified hopes
yet have to arrange for happiness
i will constrain
merely appease   merely appease@
really want to embrcae each other nicely
want to dream  but have no contents
want to yell yet have no stance
really want to nicely (nicely) want to be profligate
but do  not busy anything
want to be happy yet do not have honey


Undercurrent (暗湧)

*if sky turns darker cannot see cracks
frowns still gathers dense clouds
if a house of dim light
cannot shine through my body
yet can still reflect your heart
let this cigarette rise  my body sinks
had so much wanted to so much wanted to get close
your heart and eye mouth and ear yet have no fated affinities
i cannot hold on tightly
afraid tragedy to reenact
in my life in my life
the more beautiful the things i cannot touch
history is reenacting  in such noisy city
unreasonable  loving each other having no hiddenrush
really for me to cherish you what does it do
is it that this time me holding you tightly might not lose out*
@still silently waiting you told me not to pay wrong attention
anything i have intuition
and then unable to open two eyes
watching destiny approaches
and then sky again rushes dense clouds@
repeat * @@ and then sky again rushes dense clouds



Music: Faye Wong		Lyrics: Lin Xi

Don't want to steal a second's glance at you
For fear that I'll suddenly break into a smile
That I'll naturally love to no end
That I'll suddenly scream
For the soul to disengage, disengage, disengage

Don't want to listen to your heartbeat
For fear that you'll suddenly wake
That you'll naturally say the night's too late
That you need to leave
I suddenly break into tears,
break into tears, break into tears

Don't want to own any sum of you
For fear that I'll suddenly remember
That you're actually too important
I suddenly find it hard to breathe
Will suddenly feel like screaming,
feel like jumping, feel like wanting


One Person, Two Roles (一人分飾兩角)

If there's no important business
I won't see anyone
The events in the world outside
I won't question any of them
Breaking the rules
Is my responsibility

Reality is too boring
Go for a vacation in the land of dreams
The content of made-up stories
Is not outrageous
[What is] Outrageous
Is that you are take things too seriously

Don't be too serious
Don't be so uptight
How can you take random talk for the truth?

Don't be too serious
Don't be so naive
How can you take random talk for the truth?
I'm no god

Talking to myself
I am one person
But the dialogue
Is still divided into two parts
Two parts
Just as if there were another person

Acting out a scene
Playing both parts
A drama of dreams
Holds my life together


Brink of Love And Pain (愛與痛的邊緣)

Pacing up and down in front of the road,
I look back at this period.
You have kissed my face,
a hundred, thousand times already.
Never thought,
there will be a day,
in the night's rain,
when I can't find a decision.
Leaving me lonely,
waiting from one o'clock to three.

*Unafraid of meeting you,
it's still my wish.
I still have my feelings,
need I hide them?
If you no longer wish to love me,
why tell blatant lies?
Causing me to wait and wait,
waiting for the day we recover tenderness.

#Emotion is like raindrops,
looks broken but is hard to break.
The more you think,
the more confusing.
No longer want to be entangled with you.
I have my dignity,
no longer want it hurt.

Can't help my heart,
wants to reason but it's hard to.
Goodbye to waiting,
but I still feel unfulfilled.
Forever on the brink of love and pain.
How do I make my choice?
   (repeat *##)


Honeymoon (望月閣)

Within this time,
Can I fall in love with you
But not stop?
Don't sleep, don't rest,
Just thinking of you...

Forget the time,
Can I come closer to you?
But a breath will be blown toward the sky,
People will be like the wind,
Gently pass you by?

When I'm playful,
Can I cuddle, hug, embrace you?
Open you up
Suddenly, enjoy,
Suddenly, don't bother about anything...

When I'm bored and restless,
Can I pretend to kiss you goodbye?
An exchange of kisses,
And experience honeymoon again...

*Only want to, gently, simply,
Try parting and returning to you,
But I'm afraid to do so.

Who asked me to like you so much,
But wish for eternity and
Stay forever at the period of first love,

I want you to like me,
Just like how I love you till death do us part,
I love to spite you most,
Just like how you like to fly.*

When I'm playful,
Can I love you but
Can I be allowed to be sweet
And bitter at times?
Sometimes long,
Sometimes brief,
My meetings with you.

When I'm bored and restless,
Can I date you for sure?
Waiting for you every minute,
Wishing for another period of honeymoon,
How very curious...


Ingratiate Oneself (討好自己)

Pleasing oneself,
Trying to avoid,
Going away,

A sky full of rumours and gossip,
Be my own logic.

A group/gust of friendliness,
Handling logic,
Cover, hide,
My face,

Actually, it's all self-consciousness,
Actually, it's all deceiving oneself.


Pleasing oneself,
Try to avoid,
Float away...


Sleepwalk (夢遊)

Looking at his eyes thinking of someone else
He stays but not his heart
Looking at night lights but thinking of white clouds
This night this way is too boring
Yet that time that night was so captivating

*Can't understand the noisy jesting
Dazed amidst the crowd  Seems like I'm all hollowed out
Empty arms seem to embrace
Appears to be me but it's not
Yet I have my own dreams to make

#Sleepwalk to your feelings  there won't be boundaries
The sky and earth appear so free
People actually love to sleepwalk
There's too much cursing when awake
This flighty reality I feel I really own a piece of

Let my moods develop
Immersed in the bustle but my heart isn't here
Mumbling to myself, inspiration is flying
Sitting in the car as though flying across fields
This stifles boredom but my moods are so entangled
(repeat *# )
Sky and earth are free
(repeat *##)
Love to sleepwalk   Freer than sky and earth
Only sleepwalk      Find no boundaries
Need to sleepwalk   Freer than sky and earth
Let me sleepwalk    Find no boundaries


Dream Lover (夢中人)

The man in my dream
I hug you tight for one minute
And kiss you for ten minutes

How have you entered my heart
Creating such excitement

Seemed like I have fallen madly in love with you before
I have never been so close to you as now
My thoughts are beginning to go wild

Why do you attack me all of a sudden
And enter into my boring dream
Arousing a wave of shock

The man in my dream
So much wanted you to be real
My heart can no longer resist

Searching in my dream
I am waiting at this minute
To kiss you for ten thousand minutes

Seemed like I have fallen madly in love with you before
Now that I am so close to you all the more
My thoughts are beginning to go wild

Why do you attack me all of a sudden
And enter into my boring dream
Arousing a wave of shock

Searching in my dream
I hug you tight for one minute
My heart can no longer resist

The man in my dream
I am waiting at this minute
To create excitement in my heart
Excitement in my heart



Sky Like Earth

When the clear wind drifts by in the long night
When the sky surrounds only you
In my sea of thoughts, I hope you have thought of me

When the deep eve can in no way be knocked broken
When the painted darkness gathers no strength to understand me
I can only pretend, that it's still you tightly embracing me

But the man I have parted with
Are you alone in the deepness of the night
Will you fall in love with someone else out of boredom?

Seeing you, kissing you,
those are the ways to possess heaven and earth
How I hate, every time,
for long or for very short that we must part

Waiting for you, I will wait for you,
regardless of parting between heaven and earth
Each and every kiss, I will keep,
and wait until I can kiss you again


Cold War (冷戰)

Composer: Tori Amos	Lyrics: Lin Xi

How can I know that I am really embracing you in silence
Like palpating a pile of mobile air
Witnessing innumerable amounts of question marks kissed away by the
Reticent you
Can I only Prevaricate myself?
Never fear, never dare to divulge you.
Heard that you and that mime fell in love
I too, like others silently act this act yet undesireable to separate
Wordless together as if you and I having a tacit understanding,
Never wanting childish disputes
But countenance, both of our countenances, inarticulately suggests this

Is cold war

How many years together yet implicit
Rumors, like wind, surround us, here and there
Never listen never speak, never think of a sentence
Fear to reveal unintentionally embarassing evidence how to face

Trample true feelings in silence
Transform into the most intriguing mime who doesn't nag or cheat
Forever silently,solitarily impersonate your lover
No matter who you are thinking of
Wordless together as if you and I having a tacit understanding
Never wanting childish disputes
Both countenance, both of your countenances, as if no speech

There is no speech
There is no speech like cold war
How many years together yet wordless
Seems like how many years covet to love neglect to say
Covet to love yet neglect to say
Let you pass by in front of my bare eyes.


No Regrets (執迷不悔)

Composed by Yuan Wei-Ren; Lyrics by Faye Wong

This time I resolutely face
Uninhibitive obssession
I don't really mind
Whether this being right or wrong
Even if fallen deep
I don't really care
Even if I grasp on to uncertainty
I grasp on to it with no regrets

Don't say that I should give it up
That I should open my eyes
I use my heart
To see and to feel
You are not me
How can you understand
Even if I grasp on to uncertainty
Let me hold on to it with no regrets

I am not as perfect as you may think
Sometimes I also can't distinguish being right from being wrong
It's not that I don't want to walk out of uncertainty
But only this time
This time it's myself and no one else

Whose heart should I use to realize
To truly touch upon my surroundings
Even if it's pain
Even if it meant tears
It's just my self's own sorrow

Whose heart can I still use to realize
To truly touch upon my surroundings
Even if I'm fatigued
Even if it's exhaustion
I can only grasp on to uncertainty with no regrets


Lau Faye Faye (流非飛)

Faye Faye won't stop asking me
Am I making a mistake
Saying too much perversely becomes a mistake

Faye Faye won't stop telling me
Don't do this and that
Like it that I still do

*I used to ask myself why
Answering in such a nutty way
Will you please don't
carelessly and recklessly judge me


Drifty that I may be
Make you catch fire
You still don't understand me

I seemed to make a wrong expression
My make-up obsessed with the devil
No one would forgive me

If talking becomes so odd
The story becomes too mystified
Don't care about those gossips
Acting recklessly

FAYE FAYE  Looking at laughters flying all over the sky
FAYE FAYE  Will you please let me go
FAYE FAYE  Too egoistical and too carefree
FAYE FAYE  Don't like to care and not happy

Faye Faye doesn't wear a tie today
Her looks are so weird
The truth is that she doesn't want to be too dandy

In the East where people become refreshed everyday
One week's worth of mentality
The truth is that our minds are too perverted

Faye Faye goes out to the streets
to give cold shoulders
Such snobbish looks
The truth is that she's not too happy

Pretending that she needs to display a new style everyday
From that of the sophisticated party
Wishing to ask whether he can comprehend

Like you that I still do
Looks like there's no consequence
Beijing is still beautiful

Faye Faye still remember
Looks like there's no consequence
Like you that I still do

LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA............


Fragile Woman (容易受傷的女人)

We gradually became drunk as we go deeper into the night
At this moment we are so close together
My reminiscence seems to be shaking
My dilemma grows deeply into me all the more

With my once broken heart
I let you softly attach to it today
So much relief but also doubt
Secretly growing on me again

Love is hard to resist
I am actually a woman who can be very easily broken-hearted
Please don't, please don't, please don't come and go in such a hurry
Please have pity on my heart

If you do understand me
And continue to fall madly in love
With this woman who can be very easily broken-hearted
Don't wait any longer, at this moment, kiss me passionately

Having you for a long night, it's intoxicaton but also reality
You allow me to have finally found my faith
I don't care if everything is still an uncertainty
Happiness are lovers


Because Of Him (多得他)

The very first moment I let him hug me with his arms
I felt weak, smiled, and didn't know what to do
Yet I believed I was the weakness person on earth
and therefore I needed his hugs
So let my lazy body sink into his arms

Be it in reality or in my dreams
He controlled every second of my life
I never realised his breath had urghed me to become such a fool
Led to believed I was too weak and too easily touched
Didn't know I could be reckless and carefree too

"Thanks to him", he gave me courage
Really owe it to him that now I learnt
The ending to every story is nothing but separation
Always separation
Only after I lost him
Did I realised that I didn't need his arms and I wouldn't cry or feel angry

At first I would wait for him everyday to cast away my cold feelings with his body
I admitted I was too scared of coldness so I needed my lover's warmth
Who would have guessed that I can live by myself today
If the surrounding is too cold and lonesome
I'll put on my winter clothes

At first I held his hands tight
Never loved freedom
If he let me own him forever
I would feel so fulfilled and wealthy
Who would have predicted that I have to wipe away my own tears today
No matter how long he loved me
He still flied away....

Oh no, no, no!
The kind of girl that you can let down
Thinking everything's ok
I'm only human

(Only when I lost him did I realised I don't need) LOVE

Oh~ You can't, don't let me down, don't you let me down
I'm only human...yeah!

Oh baby ~, his loving feelings had repeatedly changed me
Maybe when one loved too much
one gradually cannot define between right and wrong
Born to have a lonesome journey and I can't see my way clearly
But if I wanna see it clearly, I wouldn't need to use this spark of love to
do so!
Thank him for no longer loving me.

Oh no, Oh no.
The kind of girl that you can let down
Thinking everything's ok.
I'm only human
This girl is more than occassional
Heart as a token of love

Oh if you feel it in your heart and you understand me
Stop right where you are everybody sing along with me