Only Love Strangers
[EMI, September 1999] What can I say? This album even tops Impatience. Only Love Strangers has everything - fast songs, calm songs, good songs, very good songs ... I like "Up to the Brambles", "Only Love Strangers", "Butterfly" and "Passing Cloud" best myself. And "Spectacular", of cause. As an album this must be the best so far. I was actually expecting something like this after hearing "Eyes On Me". I hope Faye stay with this style of music, but then it's not her style not to change her music style ...

reviewed by Louis Sung

Only Love a Stranger
Faye Wong (EMI)

This is undoubtedly Faye Wong's most successful attempt at marrying indie sensibility with mainstream appeal. The idea itself is nothing new; after all, Faye's been at it since her '95 Random Thoughts album. But what's amazing about her latest release is the ease and assuredness she and her producers evincee in walking the tightrope between listenability and pushing the musical envelope.

The album opens with 'Blossom to the End', a psychedelic number heavy on reverb and digital distortion. Surprisingly, this is followed by the sweet-sounding 'The Moonlight Then'. Things then really pick up with 'Hypnosis', a hip synth-driven track laced with a shange (mountain folksong)-like chorus. Equally riveting is the tittle track, a laidback bossanoca tune enlivened by her daughter Tongtong's "Come on baby" punctuations and angelic laughter.

It is remarkable how the album effortlessly lines up one excellent tract after another, such as the wrenching folk ballad, 'Overturn', and of course, the hi-techno-ish 'Exciting'. My personal fave, if I'm forced to choose one, is the Cantonese trac - one of two here - entitled 'Postman'. A sequel of sorts to her earlier hit, 'Appointment', it comes complete with thought-provoking lyrics by Lin Xi. Throughout the album, Faye's vocals shimmer with their trademark crystalline timbre, made edgier by an undercurrent of nervous energy and a slight tinge of hysteria. Definitely the best Chinese pop album to emerge this year.

Faye Wong (EMI)
ON ITS first day of release, this Mandarin album sold 20,000 copies. It looks set to go double platinum within the next week. (In Singapore, a platinum record accounts for 15,000 copies in sales.)

You don't expect anything less from Faye Wong.

She may be estranged from husband Dou Wei but his presence is still felt in this album. Her taste in welding Western-Eastern music elements is strongly influenced by the talented Dou.

One needs a good mentor to break new ground and try new things. Wong may need to look for new inspiration after this album.

She is blessed with a clear-as-crystal voice that is unaffected by smoking, and not aged by motherhood. She sounds almost like a starry-eyed teenager in track 4, Lovers And Strangers. This soothing number, featuring excellent music arrangement from composer Zhang Yadong as well as the voice of little Jing Tong, Wong's daughter, should transport you to a tranquil island.

Track 2, Once In A Blue Moon, is soft as a whisper and makes you reminisce about some past regrets. Take note of how Wong interprets the same words differently as the song goes on.

Track 10, Fantastic (written for a Pepsi commercial), may be the most talked-about number, but she mentioned publicly that it is her most unsatisfactory composition.

She also once claimed that she won't record another Cantonese album, so the last two tracks are to appease Hongkong listeners. Both these Cantonese songs are as good as the Mandarin equivalents, thanks to Lin Xi.

If you can accept Wong's love for avant-garde stuff, track 1's The Last Blossom and track 3's Hypnotise should provide good listening, although you may sometimes not understand her slurring without referring to the lyric sheet.

-------- About the first song, Steve of Singapore Fayenatics has the following to say:
I went to the library to search for Hong Lou Meng (The Dream of The Red Chambers) English Version.. i couldn't find it online! The original sentence is "開到荼縻(=蘼?)花事了", in Chapter 63 (out of 120 Chapters) in full version. The "tu mi" flower is just translated as "rose"!! So the whole sentence is "When the rose blooms, spring flowers fade." hahaha...... so plain and weird!!!!!

Actually this sentence is a poem describing a picture titled "韶華勝極", translated as "Flower Of Final Splendor" in the english version. I think both "開到荼縻" and "韶華勝極" mean the same thing! "Beauty With Time" is good, but "Flower Of Final Splendor" is not bad also.. the latter may be more "poetic"...... though the song is definitely not just talking about beauty or flower! hahaha.....
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Japanese version

Track & Title
1 Up to the Brambles (開到荼蘼)
2 Moon at That Moment (當時的月亮)
3 Hypnotize (催眠)
4 Only Love Strangers (只愛陌生人)
5 Century of Loneliness (百年孤寂)
6 Butterfly (蝴蝶)
7 Passing Cloud (過眼雲煙)
8 After the Beep (嗶一聲之後)
9 Overthrown (推翻) Lyric written by Ah Foon
10Spectacular (精采)
11Watch the Field (守望麥田) Cantonese version of "Century of Loneliness"
12Postman (郵差) Cantonese version of "Butterfly"

Up to the Brambles (開到荼蘼)

曲:C. Y. Kong    詞:林夕    編:C. Y. Kong

Every Ant has eyes and noses,
Whether it is beautiful or not,
or misses by a few micrometer,
What does it matter
Every human
Will Cry when Sad
Will Eat when Hungry
Difference can't be bigger than Heaven and Earth
What excitement does it have
Its got too much too much Mysterious Attraction
Too little Logic,
Too much too much Games,
Only because of Curiosity
What other Worth has it
Attitude towards everything
Dead Hope and Collapsing to the Ground
Each and Every Idol, is also like that
Idol that was mesmerized with before, disappear one by one,
Who has once Sinned Greatly, and Who is God,
We are Waiting
What Miracle,
In the End there is only Thyself
Can't bear to Overly Criticize Every Detail
In the End One Faces Thyself, even then can't Really be Looked Up To
Who gave me the Whole World, I will also Harbor Suspicion
Supremely Happy, and yet could open the "TU MI"
Every Every Every Human, Who is more Beautiful
Every Every Every Human, Who is more Sweeter
Every Every Every Human, Who is more Easier
and what's the Big Deal
Every Ant,
no matter passes by Whom,
Is always that Neat,
what does it matter
Every Human,
when meeting the person that is loved
Instead will palpitate with Fear...

每隻螞蟻 都有眼睛鼻子 牠美不美麗 偏差有沒有一毫釐 有何關係 每一個人 傷心了就哭泣 餓了就要吃 相差大不過天地 有何刺激 有太多太多魔力 太少道理 太多太多遊戲 只是為了好奇 還有甚麼值得 歇斯底里 對甚麼東西 死心塌地 一個一個偶像 都不外如此 沉迷過的偶像 一個個消失 誰曾傷天害理 誰又是上帝 我們在等待 甚麼奇蹟 最後剩下自己 捨不得挑剔 最後對著自己 也不大看得起 誰給我全世界 我都會懷疑 心花怒放 卻開到荼蘼 Repeat once #一個一個一個人 誰比誰美麗 一個一個一個人 誰比誰甜蜜 一個一個一個人 誰比誰容易 又有甚麼了不起# Repeat # 每隻螞蟻 和誰擦身而過 都那麼整齊 有何關係 每一個人 碰見所愛的人 卻心有餘悸 [Top][Next]

Moon at That Moment (當時的月亮)

曲:李冰    詞:林夕    編:Adrian Chan

At that time we're listening to music
Good thing that I've forgotten who sang it, who sang it...
At that time there's a cup of tea on the table
Good thing that I haven't drank it all, drank it all,
Who can tell me, how strong I have to be
that I would dare to remember and not forget.
At that time if we have stayed here
Your hair would have been how long, how long...
At that time if we haven't said goodbye
Would this door become, a wall...
What difference does it make, ?????
Then I can't have it beside me.
Look, the moon at that moment
it used to represent someone's heart, in the end it's still the same...
Look, the moon at that moment
After one night, it has turned into today's sunlight.
Who can tell me, what kind of religion
Can let people remember and not forget.
When I look back, the moon then
it used to represent someone's heart, in the end it's still the same...
Look, the moon at that moment
After one night, it has turned into today's sunlight.
At that time if we didn't have something
At that time if we did have something
then what would have happened?

當時我們聽著音樂 還好我忘了是誰唱 誰唱 當時桌上有一杯茶 還好我沒將它喝完 喝完 誰能告訴我 要有多堅強 才更念念不忘 當時如果留在這裡 你頭髮已經有多長 多長 當時如果沒有告別 這大門會不會變成一道牆 有甚麼分別 能夠呼吸的 就不能夠放在身旁 #(回頭)看 當時的月亮 曾經代表誰的心 結果都一樣 看 當時的月亮 一夜之間化做今天的陽光 誰能告訴我 哪一種信仰 能夠讓人 念念不忘 Repeat # # 當時如果沒有甚麼 當時如果擁有甚麼 又會怎 [Previous][Top][Next]

Hypnotize (催眠)

曲:郭亮    詞:林夕    編:郭亮

First taste of cake
first toy to bring consolation
Sun comes up
sun comes down
ice cream flows tears
Second toy to bring consolation
big wind blow, big wind blow
popcorn bursting is beautiful
From the beginning to the end
forgotten who, remembered who
From start to finish
counting it again
counting it again
is there any wastage?
First kiss of someone's lips
first time falling sick and wanting to take medicine
Sun comes up
sun comes down
ice cream flows tears
Second kiss of someone's lips
second time falling sick and wanting to take medicine
Big wind blow, big wind blow
popcorn bursting is beautiful
Suddenly the sky brightens
suddenly the sky darkens
All things that are similar
escape to somewhere far away
One two three years old
four five six years old
Thousand autumns, million ages.

第一口蛋糕的滋味 第一件玩具帶來的安慰 太陽上山 太陽下山 冰淇淋流淚 第二口蛋糕的滋味 第二件玩具帶來的安慰 大風吹 大風吹 爆米花好美 #從頭到尾 忘記了誰 想起了誰 從頭到尾 再數一回 再數一回 有沒有荒廢 啦…… 第一次吻別人的嘴 第一次生病了要喝藥水 太陽上山 太陽下山 冰淇淋流淚 第二次吻別人的嘴 第二次生病了需要喝藥水 大風吹 大風吹 爆米花好美 Repeat # 忽然天亮 忽然天黑 諸如此類 遠走高飛 一二三歲 四五六歲 千秋萬歲 Repeat # [Previous][Top][Next]

Only Love Strangers (只愛陌生人)

曲:張亞東    詞:林夕    編:張亞東

I fall in love with a scar
I fall in love with a lamp
I love listening to the seconds tick
Don't like other rumors
What I love is purer than facial expressions
More naive than existing objects
When all I need is only a kiss
Then give me a kiss
I only love strangers
I only love strangers
C'mon baby
I fall in love with this person
Love his body temperature
Like to see the look in his eyes
Don't like other possibilities
What I love is purer than facial expressions
More naive than existing objects
When all I need is only a kiss
Then give me a kiss
I only love strangers
I only love strangers.

我愛上一道疤痕 我愛上一盞燈 我愛傾聽 轉動的秒針 不愛其他傳聞 #我愛的比臉色還單純 比寵物還天真 當我需要的只是一個吻 就給我一個吻 我只愛陌生人 我只愛陌生人# Come on baby.. 我愛上某一個人 愛某一種體溫 喜歡看某一個眼神 不愛其他可能 Repeat # 我只愛陌生人 我只愛陌生人 [Previous][Top][Next]

Century of Loneliness (百年孤寂)

曲:C. Y. Kong/Adrian Chan    詞:林夕    編:C. Y. Kong

Belongs to you,
I borrowed to baby-sit it,
But it turned into my heart's terror.
Belongs to Who,
By chance I passed by
But brought with me upheaval and downfall
All because on the way, on the way,
Big Rain had poured heavily,
Proof that you were here,
But when I close my eyes, and open them again,
I only see the Desert,
What camels do they have there, is the shadow a real person or a fake
Not very Clinging.
A hundred years ago you were not You and I was not me,
Sadness was Real, Tears were Fake,
At first no Outcome.
A hundred years later there is no You and there is no Me
Wind, belongs to the Sky
I borrowed to blow,
But blew up the flames between Mankind
Sky, belongs to Who,
I borrowed to admire
but saw your Silhouette

我借來寄託 卻變成我的心魔 你 屬於誰的 我剛好經過 卻帶來潮起潮落 #都是因為一路上 一路上 大雨曾經滂沱 證明你有來過 可是當我閉上眼 再睜開眼 只看見沙漠 哪裡有甚麼駱駝 @背影是真的人是假的 沒甚麼執著 一百年前你不是你我不是我 悲哀是真的淚是假的 本來沒因果 一百年後沒有你也沒有我# @ 風 屬於天的 我借來吹吹 卻吹起人間煙火 天 屬於誰的 我借來欣賞 卻看到你的輪廓 Repeat # @ @ [Previous][Top][Next]

Butterfly (蝴蝶)

曲:Adrian Chan    詞:林夕    編:Adrian Chan

Lips have not yet opened,
Already we are hurting each other.
Date has not yet been set,
Already we don't anticipate.
Phone has not yet hung up,
Feelings have already become rotten.
I wish you were a Butterfly,
appear quickly and leave quickly.
Give me a pair of hands,
To depend on You.
Give me a pair of eyes,
To watch you leave.
Just like Butterfly can't fly across the Ocean,
No one can bear to blame.
Give me that instance,
To Adore you.
Give me a Lifetime,
To send you away.
Can't wait until morning,
Dream Beautifully and Wake Up.
We are all free and relaxed,
Dreams have not yet become Black and White.
Already moved myself out of the Matter,
Swore never said it out before
Relationship is no longer there.
Tears have not yet dropped,
Already forgotten to ponder.
Just like the loving care of a Bowl of Hot Soup,
Can't be brought along everywhere.

嘴唇還沒張開來 已經互相傷害 約會不曾定下來 就不想期待 電話還沒掛起來 感情已經腐壞 恨不得你是一隻蝴蝶 來得快也去得快 #給我一雙手 對你倚賴 給我一雙眼 看你離開 就像蝴蝶飛不過滄海 沒有誰忍心責怪 給我一剎那 對你寵愛 給我一輩子 送你離開 等不到天亮 美夢就醒來 我們都自由自在 回憶還沒變黑白 已經置身事外 承諾不曾說出來 關係已不再 眼淚還沒掉下來 已經忘了感慨 N像一碗熱湯的關懷 不可能隨身攜帶 Repeat # [Previous][Top][Next]

Passing Cloud (過眼雲煙)

曲:袁惟仁    詞:袁惟仁    編:陳飛午

能夠不去傷害彼此  卻又足夠做為解釋

明知沒有辦法的事  還是真的如此

過眼雲煙  好像每朵雲都是你的抱歉
別說再見  已經沒有權利義務再去見面
過眼雲煙  眼淚已不再是傷心時的屋簷
別說再見  都是眷戀才讓愛情危險

Repeat once

Repeat #


After the Beep (嗶一聲之後)

曲:張亞東    詞:林夕    編:張亞東

Leave a message, Leave a message,
Please sigh after the long music.
Leave a message, Please leave a message,
Please cry after I've finished talking.
I'm not here, I'm not here,
Please leave your own Secrets after the beep,
Please Praise Yourself to the speaker after the beep,
Please Moan and Sigh to the Empty Air after the beep,
I'm not here, My body is here, My mind has wandered.
Please talk about an Interesting Topic after the beep,
Please share your Emotional Problems after the beep,
Please do not mention a Certain Name after the beep.
(The Person you are looking for is not Here, Does not want to be searched for by anyone)
The Person you are looking for is now having fun him/herself
(I'm sorry the Person you are looking for does not want to Say Anything but its Too Late.)
The Person you are looking for now doesn't need brothers and sisters
(It doesn't matter if you want to Search, its already Too Late)
The Person you are looking for is also Searching
(Who wants to Accompany Me, I'm Playing Hide and Seek )

留話 留話 請在長音之後嘆氣 留話 請留話 請在我說完後哭泣 我不在這裡 我不在那裡 請在嗶一聲之後留下自己的秘密 請在嗶一聲之後對話筒沾沾自喜 請在嗶一聲之後對空氣唉聲嘆氣 我不在這裡 我人在哪裡 我想到哪裡 請在嗶一聲之後留下有聲的話題 請在嗶一聲之後分擔感情的問題 請在嗶一聲之後某某名字別提 (你要找的人不在 不想給任何人尋覓) 你現在要找的人正在娛樂著自己 (抱歉你要找的人不在想說甚麼都來不及) 你現在要找的人不需要姊妹兄弟 (你要找我已經沒關係 已經來不柔) 你現在要找的人自己同樣在尋覓 (誰要陪我 我在玩尋人遊戲) [Previous][Top][Next]

Overthrown (推翻)

曲:陳曉娟    詞:Kwan    編:黃中岳

I thought innocence was the answer to everything,
Therefore I thought everything was all natural.
Suspicions slowly thinning,
I thought memories paint the colors of everything,
therefore with regards to your future and mine, I never lost hope.
I believed you, you are love ( I can only let, let you leave)
suddenly you don't even pretend to hide, don't (even) think,
you simply overthrow,
just saying that it was all game, just like that,
you don't even bother don't don't even look, like it has nothing to do with you,
like it was only me that can tolerate, this incomprehensible regret....

我以為坦誠是所有一切的答案 所以全部的理由總覺得是自然 懷疑也漸漸變淡 @我以為回憶是彩繪完全的色彩 所以對你我未來 從未失去期待 我相信你 你就是愛 (我只能讓 讓你離開) #突然間你連瞞都不瞞 想也不(沒)想 就這麼推翻 就這麼說過去只是鬧劇一場 就這樣 你連探都不探 看也不看 像與你無關 像是只有我還可以承受 這無解的遺憾# Repeat # @ [Previous][Top][Next]

Spectacular (精采)

曲:張亞東/王菲    詞:王菲    編:張亞東

Better to prepare yourself
Before your soul is corrupted
You and I still have a chance
To make a messy return to goodness
Clear up all the gossip.
You long for
I wait for
The beautiful shining future
It's not perfect
As long as it's spectacular
But how do I do this
To say to think
Wanting so much more.
Every minute that exists is a different kind of spectacular
Love is always difficult
And dreams are a great collection.
How many times have you and I insisted on it?
Sometimes we compromise
But we refuse to regret.

最好有心理準備 拯救靈魂的枯萎 你和我還有機會 撥動反正 弄清是非 #你渴望 我期待 美好燦爛的未來 不完美 也要精彩 可是怎麼做的說的想的要的不止那麼多 每一刻都存在 不一樣的精彩 每一刻都存在 不一樣的精彩 愛總是左右難為 夢永遠是種點綴 你和我 堅持過幾回 偶而妥協 拒絕後悔 Repeat # 每一刻都存在 不一樣的精彩 每一刻都存在 不一樣的精彩 [Previous][Top][Next]

Watch the Field (守望麥田)

曲:C. Y. Kong/Adrian Chan    詞:林夕    編:C. Y. Kong
Music: C.Y. Kong/Adrian Chan	Lyrics: Lin Xi

Wind, blows across the wheat field,
Field has to be harvested.
May be it is left in my body.
Heart, bruised by you,
Like picking minerals in yellow sand,
May be it will let me Shine.
With you its like Stars and Clouds, Rise and Descend,
No matter how we get in each other's way, Its more Beautiful than Harmful.
With you its like Wind and Dust, Not the same but travelling together,
Together with Sky and Earth, No fear of no chance to love each other.
Coming with two empty hands, Waving when Leaving,
Over Mountains and Waters, Who is inside the Water
Not necessarily advancing together,
Coming with Open Heart, Returning with Assured Heart
Haven't counted Not one Thing,
That Deeply Loved Someone,
A Day can reach up to An Age.
Water, Evaporates becoming Cloud
Cloud, The Discarded Rain,
May be from your sweat.
Hand, Passes the cheek,
The Kiss someone besides you Gives,
May be left in my Palm.

風 吹過麥田 田總要收割 也許留在我腑臟 心 給你碰撞 如黃沙裡採礦 也許能令我發光 #共你就似星和雲 升和沉 彼此怎麼掛礙 美麗多於遺害 共你就似風和塵 同不同行 與天地常在 那怕沒法再相愛 @空空兩手來 揮手歸去 閱過山與水 水裡有誰 未必需要一起進退 刻骨銘心來 放心歸去 未算無一物 深愛過誰 一天可抵上一歲# @ 水 蒸發成雲 拋棄的雨 也許來自你的汗 手 經過臉龐 旁人給你的吻 也許留在我掌心 [Previous][Top][Next]

Postman (郵差)

曲:Adrian Chan    詞:林夕    編:Adrian Chan

Until the fine snow flies down,
Seeps into the Deep Sea Far Away.
Cannot even move two feet,
first thought about,
Until you said not coming back,
Until I said you deserved it.
Took down your cloak of emotions
Maybe instead you'll believe Love.
You are a thousand mounds of snow, I am the long street.
Afraid that when the sun rises, we will have to part.
Looking at the Butterfly which can't cross the Heavens,
Who has the rights to Not Understand
( only thing to do is blame the time which goes by too fast ).
You are a letter I am a postman
The Last pair of Legs
Treks through every Dune,
Hurriedly Sending,
Didn't have time to tear open,
The Beautiful World Inside.
Misread the Hotel's Door Sign,
Mistook the Street to Roam,
Want to protect the cooling Food Parcel,
Cannot be simply placed.
Does not contain your strumming and mine,
But contains an ending of strumming.
Yellow leaves will fly far from this fate,
In the end only able to say good bye.

直到細雪飛下來 盪進遠處深海 甚至兩腳走不動 先想到 離開 直到你說不回來 直到我說 活該 拿下了你這感情包袱 或者反而相信愛 #你是千堆雪 我是長街 怕日出一到 彼此瓦解 看著蝴蝶撲不過天涯 誰又有權不理解 (唯獨怪時間真快) 你是一封信 我是郵差 最後一雙腳 惹盡塵埃 忙著去護送 來不及拆開 裡面完美的世界# 認錯旅店的門牌 認錯要逛的街 便當冷了想保存 怎可以亂擺 沒有你我的和弦 但有結尾伏線 黃葉會遠飛這場宿命 最終只能講再見 Repeat # # [Previous][Top]