[Cinepoly/Universal, September 1999] You heard it before. Another compilation released from Cinepoly. Apparently Cinepoly make all they can to get a few more $$ out of Faye. It's a 2 CD set, the first CD with studio recordings, the second CD with live recordings. Unfortunately, they have cut all public ovations and talk inbetween the songs so it sounds like a studio recording made live, if you see what I mean (you do if you listen to it). The package is good. "Life" comes in a metallic box including one poster and nine photos. I like the collections of songs, thought. I prefer this compilation before "Wishing We Last Forever". If you just got "Only Love Stranger" and want to hear something from previous Faye recordings "Life" is a good choice. I scanned the pics and the poster for your viewing pleasure.

Bad luck for me, when I got the parcel the custom detected the metallic box and suspected some illegal stuff in it. I had to go to the police station to pick it up and pay the VAT as well :( Shit happens ....

Track & Title

1 Exit
2 Pledge (誓言)
3 Amaranthine
4 Sky (天空)
5 Wishing We Last Forever (但願人長久)
6 Scandalous (曖昧)
7 Fragile Woman (容易受傷的女人)
8 Impatience (躁)
9 Brink of Love and Pain (愛與痛的邊緣)
10No Regrets (執迷不悔)
1 Sleepwalk (夢遊)
2 Dream Lover (夢中人) (Cranberries "Dreams")
3 Chesspiece (棋子)
4 Cold War (冷戰) (Tori Amos' "Silent all these Years")
5 I Will Marry You Tomorrow
6 One Thousand Words, Ten Thousand Phrases
7 Random Thinking (Cocteau Twins "Bluebeard")
8 Know Oneself And Each Other (知己知彼) (Cocteau Twins "Know who You are at Every Age")
9 However That Day (無奈那天)
10I'm Willing (我願意)

Translated Lyrics


Heard that 1999 will be end of the world
By that time I will have married and had child
Before the child performs evil deeds
May the lord take her to heaven
Maybe we can honour

I have problems, many unsolveable problems
I lack patience, nothing gives me satisfaction
I frequently seem impolite to people, as if I was born with this nature
I detest being a star, but ironically hope to attract attention

On reading the entertainment section of the paper
There is a grand charity performance by the stars
Many people donate money
That's our contribution
I dislike politics, it feels dangerous
Caring for society, but the society is on moral fall
Of course, there is a good side to the situation
I only believe in love, hoping for a happy family
Unfortunatley, the fortune teller told me my marriage
would not be too stable

Said when I'm 40 years old, my husband would have affairs
That makes me worried, very worried indeed

I believe there is an optimistic exit
But would there be an exit

I believe in Buddhism
Would that be of any help
I have attempted to grasp happiness
But what is happiness
The concept of happiness is so vague.


Pledge (誓言)

I thought that we could be together forever
Lots of times, I think of this and I don't want to fall asleep
If you could give me a sincere certainty
It doesn't matter; nothing matters to me

The road ahead is perhaps not too clear
After I proceed on confidently, perhaps I'll find it exhausting
Perhaps I'll want to stop but can't stop

The darker the sky becomes, the more tired my heart becomes
I saw your face, listened to your unvoiced pledge
At that moment I discovered
That one day I walked past you and didn't catch your gaze

I take my heart and give it to you to console
Is it possible for me not to have to take it back?
[Please] don't think that an assiduous heart is unbreakable
[Please] don't think that nothing matters to me


Sky (天空)

Why does my sky hang with wet tears?
Why is its face always gray?
Drifting on the other side of the world
Allowing loneliness to ravage, over and over
The sky draws out lengthy longing

Does your sky have memory-laced clouds?
Does it have a cold moon?
Left on the other side of the world
Allowing loneliness to consume, night after night
The sky harbours deep longing

When will our sky finally merge into one?
When will it be joined?
Waiting at separate sides of the world
Allowing loneliness to mock, year after year
The sky is stacked with longing

I hope the sky will no longer be masked with wet tears
I hope it will no longer be colored gray


Wishing We Last Forever (但願人長久)

Translation: Dexter Tay
 "The lyrics come from an ancient poem by a famous Chinese poet, Su Sh. The
  poet is sad, anguished, and drinking, because he is separated from his lover.
  He contemplates the moon, asking when it is ever clear and round, symbolizing
  happiness and the reunion of lovers; he consoles himself with the thought that
  his lover is gazing at the same moon. Ancient Chinese(w幯y嫕) is really a
  separate language, and not easy to translate. Here is the ending of the poem,
  in a very literal and then a free translation. "

People have sadness/cheerful parting/meeting
The moon has dark cloudless circle lacking
This matter strange difficult wholly
Only wish person long time
A thousand miles share beautiful abandonment

Life is about parting and coming together
The moon has times when it is not round
Nothing is perfect [It is an entirely difficult thing]
Only wishing for eternity
No matter how far apart, it is happiness to see the same moon


Scandalous (曖昧)

Music: Chan Siu Ha		Lyrics: Lin Xi

in eyebrows and eyes seems like crying
seems not like crying
still praying for something
unable to be said
accompanying you lightly
exhaling circles of smoke
to the tip of lips
cannot say it's satisfaction
your tenderness how can one catch
closer and closer
yet never touching

la da la da da
la da da da

*tea not yet finished already turning sour
never passionately love
yet already loving each other
accompanying you going in circles everyday
that entanglement
how can it be short
your clothes today i am wearing
not keeping you yet keeping the warmth*

@loitering between something that
resembles bitterness and sweetness
cannot see through these scandalous eyes
love or sentiment borrowed to fill a night
must be returned
don't be too greedy
hesitating between something that
resembles togetherness and departure
cannot see through these scandalous eyes
it's like viscous yet still diluted
sky long turned grayish blue
want to say goodbye
yet not late@
(repeat *@@)


Fragile Woman (容易受傷的女人)

We gradually became drunk as we go deeper into the night
At this moment we are so close together
My reminiscence seems to be shaking
My dilemma grows deeply into me all the more

With my once broken heart
I let you softly attach to it today
So much relief but also doubt
Secretly growing on me again

Love is hard to resist
I am actually a woman who can be very easily broken-hearted
Please don't, please don't, please don't come and go in such a hurry
Please have pity on my heart

If you do understand me
And continue to fall madly in love
With this woman who can be very easily broken-hearted
Don't wait any longer, at this moment, kiss me passionately

Having you for a long night, it's intoxicaton but also reality
You allow me to have finally found my faith
I don't care if everything is still an uncertainty
Happiness are lovers


Impatience (躁)

Music and Lyrics: Faye Wong

september sky high people imaptient
in september
plain and boring
everything's fine
only lacking vexation


Brink of Love And Pain (愛與痛的邊緣)

Pacing up and down in front of the road,
I look back at this period.
You have kissed my face,
a hundred, thousand times already.
Never thought,
there will be a day,
in the night's rain,
when I can't find a decision.
Leaving me lonely,
waiting from one o'clock to three.

*Unafraid of meeting you,
it's still my wish.
I still have my feelings,
need I hide them?
If you no longer wish to love me,
why tell blatant lies?
Causing me to wait and wait,
waiting for the day we recover tenderness.

#Emotion is like raindrops,
looks broken but is hard to break.
The more you think,
the more confusing.
No longer want to be entangled with you.
I have my dignity,
no longer want it hurt.

Can't help my heart,
wants to reason but it's hard to.
Goodbye to waiting,
but I still feel unfulfilled.
Forever on the brink of love and pain.
How do I make my choice?
   (repeat *##)


No Regrets (執迷不悔)

Composed by Yuan Wei-Ren; Lyrics by Faye Wong

This time I resolutely face
Uninhibitive obssession
I don't really mind
Whether this being right or wrong
Even if fallen deep
I don't really care
Even if I grasp on to uncertainty
I grasp on to it with no regrets

Don't say that I should give it up
That I should open my eyes
I use my heart
To see and to feel
You are not me
How can you understand
Even if I grasp on to uncertainty
Let me hold on to it with no regrets

I am not as perfect as you may think
Sometimes I also can't distinguish being right from being wrong
It's not that I don't want to walk out of uncertainty
But only this time
This time it's myself and no one else

Whose heart should I use to realize
To truly touch upon my surroundings
Even if it's pain
Even if it meant tears
It's just my self's own sorrow

Whose heart can I still use to realize
To truly touch upon my surroundings
Even if I'm fatigued
Even if it's exhaustion
I can only grasp on to uncertainty with no regrets


Sleepwalk (夢遊)

Looking at his eyes thinking of someone else
He stays but not his heart
Looking at night lights but thinking of white clouds
This night this way is too boring
Yet that time that night was so captivating

*Can't understand the noisy jesting
Dazed amidst the crowd  Seems like I'm all hollowed out
Empty arms seem to embrace
Appears to be me but it's not
Yet I have my own dreams to make

#Sleepwalk to your feelings  there won't be boundaries
The sky and earth appear so free
People actually love to sleepwalk
There's too much cursing when awake
This flighty reality I feel I really own a piece of

Let my moods develop
Immersed in the bustle but my heart isn't here
Mumbling to myself, inspiration is flying
Sitting in the car as though flying across fields
This stifles boredom but my moods are so entangled
(repeat *# )
Sky and earth are free
(repeat *##)
Love to sleepwalk   Freer than sky and earth
Only sleepwalk      Find no boundaries
Need to sleepwalk   Freer than sky and earth
Let me sleepwalk    Find no boundaries


Dream Lover (夢中人)

The man in my dream
I hug you tight for one minute
And kiss you for ten minutes

How have you entered my heart
Creating such excitement

Seemed like I have fallen madly in love with you before
I have never been so close to you as now
My thoughts are beginning to go wild

Why do you attack me all of a sudden
And enter into my boring dream
Arousing a wave of shock

The man in my dream
So much wanted you to be real
My heart can no longer resist

Searching in my dream
I am waiting at this minute
To kiss you for ten thousand minutes

Seemed like I have fallen madly in love with you before
Now that I am so close to you all the more
My thoughts are beginning to go wild

Why do you attack me all of a sudden
And enter into my boring dream
Arousing a wave of shock

Searching in my dream
I hug you tight for one minute
My heart can no longer resist

The man in my dream
I am waiting at this minute
To create excitement in my heart
Excitement in my heart



Chesspiece (棋子)

Wishing to walk out from the territory that you've controlled
However I've walked into the battle that you've arranged
I don't have a rock-solid defense
Nor do I have a backroad to retreat

Wishing to escape from the trap that you've put down
However I've fallen into another deadlock
I don't have the courage to decide upon my fortunes
Nor do I have the luck to break free

I am like a piece of chess
My backs and forths are for you to determine
I am not the only queen in your eyes
But just an insignificant piece of pawn

I am like a piece of chess
My comings and goings are not for my own to decide
Making your move and not taking back, you have never wave your mind
As I am being controlled within your hands


Cold War (冷戰)

Composer: Tori Amos	Lyrics: Lin Xi

How can I know that I am really embracing you in silence
Like palpating a pile of mobile air
Witnessing innumerable amounts of question marks kissed away by the
Reticent you
Can I only Prevaricate myself?
Never fear, never dare to divulge you.
Heard that you and that mime fell in love
I too, like others silently act this act yet undesireable to separate
Wordless together as if you and I having a tacit understanding,
Never wanting childish disputes
But countenance, both of our countenances, inarticulately suggests this

Is cold war

How many years together yet implicit
Rumors, like wind, surround us, here and there
Never listen never speak, never think of a sentence
Fear to reveal unintentionally embarassing evidence how to face

Trample true feelings in silence
Transform into the most intriguing mime who doesn't nag or cheat
Forever silently,solitarily impersonate your lover
No matter who you are thinking of
Wordless together as if you and I having a tacit understanding
Never wanting childish disputes
Both countenance, both of your countenances, as if no speech

There is no speech
There is no speech like cold war
How many years together yet wordless
Seems like how many years covet to love neglect to say
Covet to love yet neglect to say
Let you pass by in front of my bare eyes.


Random Thinking

Feel like crying, feel like laughing, and feel like jumping
Feel like yelling, feel like screaming, I feel like getting
Think about a certain person for no reason
Think into a gloom-shrouded heaven and earth
I also want to see no one any longer
Want to break through the red dust

Think about the wind, think about the rain, and think about getting drunk
Want to be crooked, want to be right, fast getting drunk
Who is it that I want to kiss for no reason
Under the wind the flowers the snow and the moon
Who is it that I want to love for no reason
What is it that I want to continuously love
If I want to go afar
I'll imagine not loving you
Think until I frown for no reason
Think about you, think about you, want to fly

Love makes people beautiful
But will it also make people think randomly for no reason
Think about this, think about that

How good is tomorrow's weather
I no longer want to say nothing again
Can I love another person all over again
I have said I don't want to say anything I don't want to say anything again

Tomorrow I need to wear the cassock
Can't think of it I won't think and that's it
I beg him I hate him I love him
I have said I don't want to say anything I don't want to say anything again


I'm Willing (我願意)

Reminiscence is a profoundly mystical thing
Like a shadow following its form
Soundless and breathless, it appears out of the bottom of my heart
By the blink of an eye, it swallows me up into desolation
I don't have the strength to resist
Especially at night  OH~
Thinking about you until I am out of breath
So regrettable at this instant that I cannot
Run wildly toward you
Loudly telling you that  HM~
I am willing for you
I am willing for you
To forget who I am
For just a second longer
If I can remain under your embrace
Letting my world go won't be a pity
I am willing for you
I am willing for you
To be exiled towards the edge of the sky
Only if you genuinely could
Love me as I do to you
Anything I am willing to do
Anything, for you