Ichiban August 2000

Q: Would you please tell us what you're shooting in Okinawa?
A: "Okinawa Rendezvous" I guess? (Laugh)

Q: And what is your role this time?
A: Not of any particular occupation. I'm acting as a Japanese gangster head's girlfriend; I'm torn between 2 men, Tony Leung and Leslie Cheung.

Q: Is "2046" done yet?
A: Not yet.

Q: How did it feel like working with Takuya Kimura?
A: He's quite playful, it's a enjoyable cooperation.

Q: How did you two communicate?
A: He had an interpreter, if it didn't work then we'd use English to communicate instead.

Q: You're really popular in Japan with "Eyes On Me" a huge hit and so on. Do you have any plans in releasing another single in Japan?
A: Actually I've always had Mandarin albums released in Japan. Maybe here'll be a plan to sing a song in English or Japanese within this year!

Q: The Japanese really adore you. Have you any plans of learning Japanese?
A: That's something I've not taken into consideration yet. Though I do know a few lines.

Q: In fact you've not been to Japan too many times. Can you imagine why you're being so popular in Japan?
A: Probably because of the film "Chungking Express", I would say! But I could never imagine I'd become this popular.

Q: What's the style of the next studio album like?
A: There are 5 tracks from the album whose melodies were written together by Chang Ya-tong and me. It could be described as a story or a musical suite. We'll have it filmed into a movie. It has a lot of strings and a lot of electronica stuff.

Q: In Taiwan, there are quite a few people imitating your singing style. Have you heard any?
A: There are people who have mentioned it to me, but really I don't feel too much about it. In fact I had gone through a phase of imitating other people's singing styles myself, and I think the most important thing is whether in the end it had turned into your own thing or not. But I think there won't be anyone who will really sing like me, because the person would still be able to produce her own way of singing.

Q: You're publicly recognized as a beauty. Do you have any special beauty secrets?
A: I don't have any special beauty secrets.

[The Ichiban reporter went on trying all sorts of angles, such as work-outs, diets, health secrets and so on, trying to squeeze some answers out of the Diva's mouth but all efforts were in vain.]

Q: What's the first CD you had bought?
A: Back in those days, I had wanted to buy Teresa Teng's album but couldn't get any copy. The first album I had bought should be Chih-Yi's "Is There Such A Way of Speaking"("¦³¨S¦³³oºØ»¡ªk"), it's really wonderful.

Credits: Photos scanned and interview translated by Anita C. Published on Sianz' webpage.