30 Sep 2000

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29 Sep 2000 -- Steve uploaded four pictures from the Music Friendly Award show two days ago, click the links to view the pics. || Pic 1 || Pic 2 || Pic 3 || Pic 4 ||  Source: Singapore Fayenatics Home

29 Sep 2000 -- The link to Head & Shoulder from two days ago has been updated since the other server had some problems lately but now it should work again.

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27 Sep 2000 -- Congratulations to Faye! She just won the "Top 10 Most Popular HK Singers in Taiwan" (voted by Taiwan fans) in the 104 FM Select Music Friendly Award show! She sang the mandarin version of "Love Letter to Myself (2,6 MB)"  Source: Fayenews

27 Sep 2000 -- According to Maki's Site, this is the songlist for Fable, which also will include a bonus VCD. If you go to the site there is some more comments in Japanese.

1) The Cambria Period(寒武紀)
2) New Roommate(新房客)
3) Xiang Nai Er(香奈兒)
4) Asuro(阿修羅)
5) The Flower From The Other Shore(彼岸花)
6) If You Were Not True(如果你是假的)
7) I Don't Love Anyone Who Doesn't Love Me(不愛我的我不愛)
8) You Like If Not, I Like (你喜歡不如我喜歡)
9) Farewell Firefly(再見螢火蟲)
10) Forget & Smile(笑忘書)
11) Firefly(螢火蟲)
12) Sincerely Yours(給自己的情書)

27 Sep 2000 -- Beijing Fayenatic Leigh recorded an audio clip feturing Faye new song and CM with Head & Shoulder (400 kB). Thanks so much! This CM already being broadcast in Beijing's TV Station. I guess this will be the song of "Chanel"? It's very electronic!  Source: Odun@Fayenews

27 Sep 2000 -- Faye is the DJ in Singapore!

When? October 2, 2000 (Monday)
Time: 11.00pm Singapore Time (+8.00 GMT)
Place: Y.E.S. 933
You can try listening online but you can't catch it is will be recorded and posted after the show.  Source: Fayenews

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26 Sep 2000

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24 Sep 2000

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23 Sep 2000

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22 Sep 2000 -- Ju-hyoun has the following news from EMI Korea about Faye's new album.

1. The Title of Faye's New Album would be "寓言 "Fable"" but it's not confirm yet.
2. Faye composed 5 songs in this Album, the first five (see news from Sept 15). They are arranged by Zhang Ya Dong. Lyrics By Lin Xi. Lin Xi wrote all Lyrics for this Album.
3. Two songs are composed by C.Y.Kong, they are the last four. They are two songs in both Mandarin and Cantonese so four in total.
4. The rest, 6 till 8, are composed by Adrian Chan and Fan Xie Qing.

22 Sep 2000 -- FayeNet reports that Oct 20 has been confirmed as the release date for "Fable". Let's hope that's the final bid.

22 Sep 2000 -- Part 3 of Faye interview with Metro997 station has been captured by Eva. Faye mainly talk about her Japan market and her upcoming movie 2046. She also talk a lot about partner with Takuya Kimura ¡]¤ì§ø©Ý«v¡^in 2046. Faye said Takuya will be one ulgy man in 2046. Download Here (1,2 MB)!  Source: Fayenews

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Changsha concert info & pics (from Steve)
Changsha concert official homepage at Hunan LifeChannel
Love Letter MTV pics:
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Cyber News
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21 Sep 2000

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20 Sep 2000 -- Anita C has scanned a really nice black and white picture of Faye from todays Ming Sheng Daily. Click here to view it.

20 Sep 2000 -- There will be a important vote in Malaysia, hosted by Wanita.net. If you live in Malaysia you can buy Sin Chew Jit Poh and fill out the form inside to vote. If you don't you can vote online by clicking this link. The vote ends on October 8. 25% of the results will come from voting online and 75% from cutting newspaper or magazines and an "independence professional body". Here is a translation of the website and instructions, thanks to : Ishwanj.

There are 30 songs in the category. You have to choose 15 songs to vote (I selected fewer and it worked fine).

1. Tao Zi -- "Sisters stand up" / "Jie Jie Mei Mei Zhan qi Lai" [Taiwan]
2. Coco Lee -- "True Lover" / "Zhen Qing Ren"
3. Kit Chan -- "Wo Zhen de Ai Chuo" [Sg]
4. Rene Liew Ruo Ying -- "I wait for you" / "Wo Deng Ni" [Taiwan]
5. Cheng Bao Yii -- "no body" / "Mei You Ren" [Taiwan]
6. Phil Chang -- "Still Raining" / "Yu Yi Zhi Xia" [Taiwan]
7. Ah Niu -- "Lai Lai Ge" [M'sia]
8. David Tao -- "Find myself" / "Zhao Zhi Zi" [Taiwan]
9. Ding Wei -- "Nu Hai Er yu Si(4) Chong Zhou" [china singer]
10. Xie Wan ting -- "Socks" / "Wa Zi" [M'sia]
11. Richie Yam -- "Flowers in Spring" / "Chun Tian hua Hui Kai" [Taiwan]
12. Michael & Victor -- "Want to see you" / "Xiang Jian ni" [M'sia]
13. FAYE WONG -- "The Moon Then" / "Dang Shi de Yue Liang"
14. Pennie Dai -- "Bu4 Xiang3" [M'sia]
15. Dick & Cowboy -- "I'm the one you don't love" / "Wo Zhe Ge ni Bu ai de ren" [Taiwan]
16. Sandy Lam -- "At Least have you" / "Zhi Shao Hai you Ni" [HK]
17. William So -- "It's hard to love someone" / "Ai Yi ge ren hao nan" [HK]
18. Na Ying -- "Xin Shuan de Lang Man" [China]
19. Zhou Hui -- "Don't want to let you know" / "Bu Xiang Rang ni Zhi Dao" [Taiwan]
20. China Dolls -- "Single eyelid girl" / "Dan yan pi nu sheng" [Thai]
21. Daniel Chan -- "Happier than me" / "Bi Wo Xin Fu" [hk]
22. Tanya Chua -- "True Love" [Singapore]
23. Jacky Chong -- "When I think of you" / "Dang wo xiang qi ni"
24. Sammi Cheng -- "Love Amulet" / "Gan Qing Xian Shang"
25. Sun Yan Tzi -- "Tian Hei Hei" [Singapore]
26. Lee Hom -- "Forever the 1st day" / "Yong Yuan de di yi tian" [Taiwan]
27. Jeff Chang -- "Faith" / "Xin Yang" [Taiwan]
28. Elva -- "the most familiar stranger" / "Zhui Shou Xi de Mo Sheng Ren" [Taiwan]
29. Bu Xue Liang -- "Zi Yue" [Taiwan]
30. Kelly Chen -- "Hua Hua Shi Jie" [hk]

Ok, that's the list of songs. Next, there are 6 to fill up.

1. your fav. song [one of the 30 above]
2. you fav. male singer
3. your fav. female singer
4. your fav. rock singer
5. your fav. album
6. your fav. newcomer

After that, fill your e-mail address, then which country you're come from. Click the 1st button to submit. That's all.

20 Sep 2000 -- Faye is giving many concerts at the moment. Next up is Taipei, Taiwan on November 11 or 12. Or both. The date is still to be confirmed, so stay tuned if you live in Taiwan.

20 Sep 2000 -- Steve posted a picture of the Head & Sholders cm on Fayenews. You can view it here.

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19 Sep 2000 -- Here is the second part of Faye's interview in an other program call "Good boy good girl" in RTHK. Mp3 version (2,6 MB) or go listen to it live on RTHK. Faye talk a little bit about "2046" and her upcomming album and much more!  Source: Fayenews

19 Sep 2000 -- Didar did yet another translation for us English speaking Fayenatics, this time from the first part of RTHK interview from yesterday. Read it here. Thanks a lot, Didar :)

18 Sep 2000 -- Faye had an interview with a program in RTHK today. You can listen to it here. (listening from 37,20 minutes) or you can download mp3 version in here. (18,32 mintues 3,1 MB) The whole interview is in cantonese. See also the two links to Show8 below.  Source: Fayenews

18 Sep 2000 -- Here is a complete list of all the winners from Singapore Hits Awards 2000.

Best Male Vocal: David Tao
Best Female Vocal: Faye Wong
Most Popular Male: Jeff Chang
Most Popular Female: Sammi Cheng
Most Popular Local Artist: Kit Chan
Best Newcomer: Jolin Choi
Most Promising New Artist: Stefanie Sun
Best Group: Power Station
Best Selling Album: Love Only Strangers - Faye Wong
Song of the Year: "At Least There's You" - Sandy Lam
Most Charismatic Stage Performer: Aaron Kwok
Best Album Production: David Tao (I'm OK - David Tao)
Best Local Lyrics: Li Feihui (Wounded Heart - Jacky Cheung)
Best Local Music Composition: Tanya Chua (Momento - Tanya Chua)
Merit Award: Wu Bai

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Show8 1 + Photos + Ra video clip 1 (5,8 MB) + Ra video clip 2 (2,6 MB)
Show8 2
Takung Pao
Udn News

17 Sep 2000 -- Fayenews has two ra-audio files with Faye's thanks for winning the awards at Singapore Hits Awards yesterday. The thanks for SPVA Most Selling Album is edited from a radio clip and the thanks for Best Female Vocalist is from the TV broadcast.

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16 Sep 2000 -- Results from Singapore Hits Awards 2000:

Best Female Vocalist: Faye Wong
SPVA Most Selling Album: Only Love Strangers
Most popular Female Artist: Faye was 3rd (Sammi won)

Congratulations, Faye!

16 Sep 2000 -- More on the upcomming album. When looking at the big picture, the first 5 track on the new album are predicted to be linked. Faye said there are 5 songs contain a linked story. A redicted a summery of the story could be as below.

1. The Cambrian Period - born (where everything start)
2. New Tenant - curious (a period of learning, accept new environment)
3. Chanel - love, happiness (Faye said this is a happy song)
4. Asura - hate, depress (a feeling of devil)
5. Flower of Paradise - death (heaven, a flower from a different world)

Btw, tha last date I heard for release of the new album is October 20. Arghhh... Another push forward in tim ... :(
  Source: Fayenews

15 Sep 2000 -- Here is 2 versions of English translations for the song list. They are done by 2 Fayenatics. Thanks Ah Po and Ricko! Since these song name are very artistic, no one really sure how to translate it out. Most people guess the first 5 tracks of this album is the one compose by Faye, because they all have only 3 chinese characters. Looks like a Faye style. Most of these song titles are from novels and movies!

Ricko's version
1. The Cambrian Period (Click here)
2. New Tenant (Click here)
3. Chanel (Click here and here)
4. Asura (Ah Xiu Lou) (Click here)
5. The Flower out there (Rain Lily) (Click here and here)
6. What If you are Fake
7. I like it much more than you do
8. I don't love who doesn't love me
9. Goodbye Firefly (Click here)
10. Book of Exhilaration (The Book of Laughter and Forgetting) (Click here)
11. Love Letter to Myself
12. Firefly (Click here)

Ah Po's version
1. Frozen Fight Legend
2. New Tenant
3. Xian Nai Er
4. Asura
5. Flowers of Paradise
6. If you are Fake
7. You like might as well I like
8. Those you don't like, i don't like
9. Goodbye Fireflies
10. The Book of Exhilaration
11. Love Letter to Myself (No. 10 in Cantonese?)
12. Fireflies (No. 9 in Cantonese?)

  Source: Fayenews and Fayenatics all over the world :)

15 Sep 2000 -- Armani has scanned three postcards from Okinawa Rendez-Vous. || Postcard 1 || Postcard 2 || Postcard 3 ||

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14 Sep 2000 -- Here is the (unofficial) song list for Faye's new album:

I got some of the song titles translated:
2. New Tenant
6. If I am fake
7. You like might as well like it
8. Those who don't like me, I don't like
11 Love letter for myself
  Source: Fayenews

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TVB I-files + 1 streaming audio (second one).

13 Sep 2000

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12 Sep 2000 -- You can download Love Letter For Myself in mp3-format now from www.fayenatics.org. Steve recorded from the radio so yet another DJ hovering around but you have to live with that.

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Sina.com 1
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10 Sep 2000

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9 Sep 2000 -- Faye talks about her nomination for Singapore Hits Award 2000 with a S'pore DJ in 933. She will not attend the award cermony since it crashes with her concert in Shenyang. Click here to download the interview.  Source: Singapore Fayenatics Home

9 Sep 2000 -- Shane has scanned three pics of Faye and Nic arriving at HK airport, taken from "Xing dao ri bao". || Pic 1 || Pic 2 || Pic 3 ||

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Nanyang Online

8 Sep 2000

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7 Sep 2000 -- This was posted by Nick Lim on EMI Taiwan's Forum:
"Pls to tell u guys that the finalised date to her new album is on 05/10/00. The marketing manager called Gillian from Singpaore side said she need volunteer from Singapore to help her with the new releasing of new album. There might have a first day release promotion call "shou mai hui" but they're thinking to cancel it due to overcost.

Anyone can just call her at 2728080 EMI (Gillian). She said the main song "xia nar er" is very pleasant and easy listening song, sure to be a hit. The first 5 songs is a story link about a prince seeking his dream girl... the cd will comes with a booklet with photos and cd in between. There will be a free vcd of making the "xia ner er" mtv and the commercial of her new shampoo ad. The cd may cover shows her face but focus most on her two big eyes."

7 Sep 2000 -- "Love Letter For Myself" is one of the new songs from Faye. This song will be fetured in the bonus track CD. Song by C.Y. Kong Lyrics by Lam Xi. Download! (0,7 MB) You can get an HK version also by clicking here (2 MB). If you are interested in the Chinese lyrics (Big5) you can find it at Fayenews.

7 Sep 2000 -- Aaron's new cantonese album is out today and both the MTV and cantonese version of the song with Faye included in his album. Download the song here (3,6 MB) and the MTV here (4,3 MB).  Source: Fayenews

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6 Sep 2000 -- Latest rumour for the release date of Faye's new album: October 6. Makes sence, it's a Friday. One more month to wait ...

6 Sep 2000 -- Alex put some new posts on his website. It's a "Music Special Show" at TVB from 1998, you can see for your self if you go here. If you just want the downloads, click these links. || Part 1 (8,9 MB) || Part 2 (9,1 MB) || Part 3 (8,7 MB) || Part 4 (8,5 MB) ||

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Daily News 1
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5 Sep 2000 -- More news on the name for the new album. It's still to be confirmed, but according to Fayenews it will be "Ah xiu luo". "Ah xiu luo" comes from buddism... the are a group of spirits in "tian long ba bu" - the males are extremely ugly; while the females are unbelievably beautiful. However their character is dominated by jealousy, aggression and together with their immense power.. they are determined to fight for what they want. When two "Ah xiu luo" start off a war.. it would be an earth shaking event resulting in storms and natural disasters in the human world...

A famous Hong Kong writer called Yi Shu once wrote a novel called "Ah xiu luo" depicting how young girls behave like Ai xiu luo, beautiful yet dangerous, in their conquest for love!!

For more information, go to http://utenti.tripod.it/aum/kundalini_eng/asura.html.

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3 Sep 2000 -- Faye's new album name is "xian nah er", according to a post at Emi Taiwan website and it will be released in October ... :((

3 Sep 2000 -- Jphone bookets September image can as usual be found over at TAKA's Homepage inside gallery 3.

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1 Sep 2000 -- Shane have recorded an mp3 of the new Pepsi song, direct from the VCD. The size is 2.6 Mb, and it is encoded @ 96kbps. Click here download it!!