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7 May 2004 -- Today the All About Ah Faye Forum is 3 months old and within this short period of time, we already have more than 500 members! For those who haven't join us, do it now! We are undeniably the BEST Faye Wong discussion forum in English! We have the latest updates/news, audio/video files, photos, etc! You name it, we have it! Even if we don't have it, we're gonna find it!

7 Feb 2004 -- I have now opened my new forum at HTTP://WONGFAYE.ORG/FORUM and starting today all news will be posted there. You have to register in order to read or post but it only takes a minute and I hope that won't cause any problems. By doning this I hope to get a better integration between all Fayenatics and the news will continue just like before. See you there :)

6 Feb 2004 -- Faye will give live radio interviews in Singapore and Malasia the next few days, here is the times to stay tuned:

Feb 6 (Fri) 11pm (GMT +8)
988 - http://www.988.com.my/eradio.asp

Feb 7 (Sat) 3:40pm (GMT +8)
My FM - http://www.my.com.my (you must register for the e-pass)

Feb 8 (Sun) 2:10pm (GMT +8)
933 - http://yes933.mediacorpradio.com/

Feb 9 (Mon) 6:40pm (GMT +8)
933 - http://yes933.mediacorpradio.com/

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Apple Daily

5 Feb 2004

Today's news links:
Ming Pao Weekly
Apple Daily

3 Feb 2004 -- Here are the details for Faye's visit to Singapore:

Autogragh Session
Date: 8th February, Sunday
Venue: Plaza Singapura
Time: 5.30 pm

Movie Promo
Date: 9th February, Monday
Venue: Junction 8
Time: 7.30 pm

2 Feb 2004 -- For those of you who got a _really_ fast internet connection there is a Making of "Leaving Me Loving You" to download. The clip is a little bit more then 11 minutes and the download is 112 MB(!). Click here to start the download.

2 Feb 2004 -- Faye is going to endorse a skincare brand called Biotherm! They will shoot 3 TV commercials as well as print advertisements. Her endorsement deal will be officially announced in May and Biotherm will invite the media from all over Asia to attend the press conference to be held in Taipei 101.

2 Feb 2004 -- Steve in Hong Kong took some pics of Faye's Baleno ads with his digital camera, you can view the pics here.

1 Feb 2004

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Apple Daily
Ming Pao News

30 Jan 2004 -- Sony doesn't leave things long .... Faye Wong 2003 Concert Live cd has been announced to be released on Feb 27. The price is not yet set, but you can mark yourself to be notified at YesAsia as soon as it can be pre-ordered.

30 Jan 2004 -- If you live in Hong Kong, tune in Star TV tomorrow Jan 31 at 17.30, there will be a 1 hour show about Faye then. The program will rerun on Feb 1 at 10.00 and 19.00

Today's news links:
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21CH Movies
The Standard
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28 Jan 2004

Today's news links:
The Standard
The Sun HK

26 Jan 2004 -- Here is Faye's schedule for her Singapore visit:
Feb 8 - Faye meeting the fans at Plaza Singapura's atrium 5:30pm. Fans will have to purchase "To Love" from HMV to gain entry with the pass attached.
Feb 9 - movie promotion with leon. venue not confirmed.

25 Jan 2004 -- Eva @ Wongfei.org has got the trailer for "Leaving Me Loving You", here are the links. || Part 1 (1,2 MB) || Part 2 (1,4 MB) ||

24 Jan 2004 -- It seams that the release of "2046" is comming closer and closer - finally. Most reliable is a release in China for the May holiday (May 1), but some rumours mentions a tentive release in Hong Kong on April 1 (no joke). I also read that Berlin Film Festival might be where it will be released but I don't think that's possible. Finally, for viewing som pics from the movie and some reading (in Chinese), please visit Wong Kar Wai Movie World and this picture site, also part of the site above.

22 Jan 2004 -- "Leaving Me Loving You" has now an official homepage, click here to visit it.

22 Jan 2004 -- Faye and Leon are covered on the January issue of Zip Magazine, you can see the scans on my magazine page, thanks to Leon New Station who scanned the magazine in the first place.

22 Jan 2004 -- Faye Wong and Leon Lai will be coming to Singapore on Feb 9 to promote their latest movie, The Straits Times reports. That should be right after their visit to Malaysia.

Today's news links:
The Standard
Ming Pao News
Sing Pao Daily

20 Jan 2004 -- The "Beautiful Mistake" MTV is available for download, you can download it from TAKA's site.

19 Jan 2004

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Sina.com 5 (picture collection)
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16 Jan 2004 -- The "Face to Faye" collection is now featured of Faye's official homepage, click the link to the left to go there. If you want to buy it from YesAsia, click here.

16 Jan 2004 -- Faye's visit to KL, Malaysia is now confirmed, here are the details:

Movie Promo
Date: 6th February, Friday
Venue: One Utama, Bandar Utama
Time: 6.30 pm

2004 Faye Wong It's MyStyle Autograph/fans meeting session
Date: 7th February, Saturday
Venue: Mid Valley Mega Mall Exhibition Hall
Time: 8.30pm

Today's news links:
The Sun HK
Ming Pao News
Apple Daily
The Standard

15 Jan 2004 -- There is a preview of "Leaving Me Loving You" that you can download here. The clip is 12,8 MB.

15 Jan 2004 -- According to Aint it cool, "2046" has been scheduled for a May Day Holiday theater release. You can read the full article here.

13 Jan 2004 -- Some unconfirmed news for all Malaysia fans; Faye will be in KL with Leon on Feb 6 at Berjaya Times Square. But you better check that up locally just in case the info is not correct.

11 Jan 2004 -- Ronan Keating presented the "Perfection Award" to Faye Wong two days ago at the Channel V Awards in Shanghai, to see some pics from the event, click here.

9 Jan 2004 -- According to newspapers in Malaysia Faye and Leon Lai will go on tour to promote their new movie in February. Should be a real treet for all Fayenatics living in Malaysia.

Today's news links:
Apple Daily
Liberty Times

8 Jan 2004 -- The movie "Leaving Me Loving You" will be shown on Feb 12 in Asia. Here is the link to preview of the movie. Also, here is a video clip shot when Faye was shooting the MV of Empty City. In the clip, you can see a really cutie Faye. You can download it from http://haneul.idv.hm.   Source: Fayevolution21

8 Jan 2004 -- "Leaving Me Loving You" poster.

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China Daily

6 Jan 2004 -- Shirley has uploaded a clip from Faye's recent HK concerts of "Men/Bored". To download, goto http://faye.anigned.org and click the link Men.mov. The download is 20,8 MB, you'll need QuickTime to watch it.

6 Jan 2004 -- Also Peggy has 10 short concert clips posted at Favolution21. Click the link to go there and download your favorites.

3 Jan 2004 -- Julia Tang has been very kind to translate the lyrics of "To Love" for mine discography section. So far the first 7 songs are done, check the translations here.

2 Jan 2004 -- The poster for Faye's movie with Leon Lai, "Leaving Me Loving You", has been released. You can view it here thanks to LaJaBor.

1 Jan 2004 -- "Face to Faye" photo collections is now for sale at YesAsia. It's rather expensive, US$45.99, but for the hard core fan it's a must just the same. If you like to have your own copy, click here to buy it. To see some more pics, click here.


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