Decadent Sound of Faye
[Cinepoly, July 1995] At the time that Faye was recording this album, her idol, international superstar Teresa Teng just passed away. Faye was greatly sadden by this turn of event. The album is so great, fill with Faye's beautiful and sweet vocals - invoking the sweetness of Teresa's tender voice. This is definite Must-Buy!! There is also a remastered version of this cd. The remastered contains one new song, the live version of "One Thousand Words, Ten Thousand Phrases."
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Track & Title
1Lotus In The Snow
2You Are In My Heart
3Wishing We Last Forever (但願人長久)
4His Heart, My Heart
5Place of First Love
6Girl of Nanhoi
7If I Was Bona fide
8Green Lake Coldness
9At Dusk
11One Small Wish
12Sighting Of Chimney Smoke
13Sentiments Of A Native Village

Translated Lyrics

Lotus in the Snow

(verse 1)
Snowflakes drift
Bringing with them so many memories of love
Snowflakes fly
Bringing with them so many stories of love

The lily blooms in the middle of the snow
So much hope, so many wishes
Sombrely wait for the one who has my love
Hoping that the feelings will never change

Snowflakes endlessly fly
and fill the sky

(Repeat verse 1)
The past seems like a dream long gone
So much sweetness, so much longing
Though it seems so far away now
True love stays forever in my heart

Snowflakes endlessly fly
and fill the sky


You Are In My Heart

You said you'd certainly come here to see me
You can't know how every day I long for you
Don't forget you already said
You have deep feelings for me
I hope you can return quickly
I'm waiting for yesterday's warm feeling to return

Please stay, don't go far away again
Let me speak from deep in my heart
In my heart is so much love for you
I hope I am in your heart too

I want to remember talking with you
We can always communicate heart to heart
I want to treasure the sweet days when the two of us were together
Forget that time of absence
Painful and lonely for both of us
And please don't ever heartlessly forget me

Please stay, I don't want you to go
I really love you so much
In my heart there is love for you forever
I hope I am in your heart too
(Repeat chorus)


Wishing We Last Forever (但願人長久)

Translation: Dexter Tay
 "The lyrics come from an ancient poem by a famous Chinese poet, Su Sh. The
  poet is sad, anguished, and drinking, because he is separated from his lover.
  He contemplates the moon, asking when it is ever clear and round, symbolizing
  happiness and the reunion of lovers; he consoles himself with the thought that
  his lover is gazing at the same moon. Ancient Chinese(w幯y嫕) is really a
  separate language, and not easy to translate. Here is the ending of the poem,
  in a very literal and then a free translation. "

People have sadness/cheerful parting/meeting
The moon has dark cloudless circle lacking
This matter strange difficult wholly
Only wish person long time
A thousand miles share beautiful abandonment

Life is about parting and coming together
The moon has times when it is not round
Nothing is perfect [It is an entirely difficult thing]
Only wishing for eternity
No matter how far apart, it is happiness to see the same moon


His Heart, My Heart

(verse 1)
How many dawns
How many dusks
One well-worn feeling
frequently hangs on my heart
Perhaps some good times
Perhaps some beautiful scenery
Our harmony, like waking from a dream
Vanished away without a trace
Your warm feelings for me
Are already ice cold
The story of our love is like a trail
Of fallen flowers, lying in confusion

(verse 3)
I only touch a chord (?)
And burst into sobs
I only want to be able to think about you
Again, love; again, hate
Your heart, my heart
They no longer resonate together
A deep-rooted, unforgettable feeling
Carved on my heart, it has become hate
(Repeat verse 1, then verse 3)


Place Of First Love

Composed by Liu Jia-Chang		Lyrics by Sun Yi

I remember there is one place
I will never ever forget
He and I have first showed mutual affection over there
And together we have shared good times

That is one good place to be
Mountains are high and blue, long stream of water flow
They are there to accompany us

The taste of first love is so sweet
How can people not admire


Girl of Nanhoi

Coconut winds blow the silvery waves
the setting sun peeking through the clouds
to see that upon a golden beach
a beautiful girl sits all alone.

Her eyes shining like stars
under crescent moon eyebrows.
She wears a red sarong
that is as red as betel nuts.

She softly sighs
sighs for a boy who doesn't love her
just thinking about it, she cries and cries
so the red sarong and white top are wet with tears

Girl from the South Seas
why are you so sad?
you're only sixteen and a half!
though you've lost an old dream
you will find another friend.


If I Was Bona fide

(verse 1)
If the flowing waters could turn back
Bring me along with you
If the waters could listen
I will no longer feel disturbed

(Repeat verse 1)

(verse 2)
You have an admirer
Flowing at your own freedom
How I wish I were you
Flowing wherever I wanted to

(verse 3)
If I were the flowing waters
I would still shed tears
If I were the clear flowing waters
Like you, I would not look back
(Repeat verses 2, then 3)


Green Lake Coldness

By the Cold Lake of Emerald
I left my heart
Like a poem
A picture
Of a dream
A mirage
That was
That was my first love
Every day, night by night
I remember
It rained
And a mist hung above the lake
My heart and feelings
Are as old
But the person
The person
Has he changed?



When fate brings us together, why do you have to deny
When fate breaks us apart, why do I still remember
In my heart there's only you
In your heart you don't have me
So what's the use for us being with each other

Today I say I must forget about you
Tomorrow however I again remember you
Longing for you longing for you in my dream
When will my affection come to an end?

When fate brings us together, why do you have to deny
When fate breaks us apart, why do I still remember
In my heart there's only you
In your heart you don't have me
So what's the use for us being with each other


One Small Wish

Watching the drizzling rain
gently waving in front of the window,
listen to the drizzling rain
gently hitting (pattering on?) the roof.
The drizzling rain
quietly comes to this world.
Rain is so romantic,
Rain is so lovely
that I treasure it.
A small wish, always in my heart,
wishing that the rain
washes away all the dust and smoke.
A small wish, always in my heart,
wishing that the rain
washes away all these anxieties.


Again I See The Cooking Smoke

Again I see the cooking smoke rising
Dusk covers the wide earth
Wondering at a gust of smoke
You'll go inside

In the evening there's a poetic feeling
In the dusk there's longing
A poetic feeling, an affection, but so beautiful
In my heart there is only you

Again I see the cooking smoke rising
It evokes memories in me
I wish you'd change to the color of twilight
Fly to me inside a dream
(Repeat chorus 2x; then repeat last 2 lines of chorus)