[Cinepoly, February 1997] A little disappointted with this album is that there were no songs written by Faye herself, but the album is great. It has a perfect blend of alt-pop. Two great soft hits in "Undercurrent" and "Date". "Merely" marks the second time that Faye has worked with Beyond (Wong Ka Keung). The only pictures of Faye is the cover of her on the roof of her house in Beijing when she was pregnant. There's also this simple, but beautiful drawing on the back.

Track & Title
1Undercurrent (t)
2Date (w)
3Merely Appease
5I Believe

Translated Lyrics

Undercurrent (t)

*if sky turns darker cannot see cracks
frowns still gathers dense clouds
if a house of dim light
cannot shine through my body
yet can still reflect your heart
let this cigarette rise  my body sinks
had so much wanted to so much wanted to get close
your heart and eye mouth and ear yet have no fated affinities
i cannot hold on tightly
afraid tragedy to reenact
in my life in my life
the more beautiful the things i cannot touch
history is reenacting  in such noisy city
unreasonable loving each other having no hiddenrush
really for me to cherish you what does it do
is it that this time me holding you tightly might not lose out*
@still silently waiting you told me not to pay wrong attention
anything i have intuition
and then unable to open two eyes
watching destiny approaches
and then sky again rushes dense clouds@
repeat * @@ and then sky again rushes dense clouds


Date (w)

still remembering that day lodge's door-sign
still saving smiling departing expression
that day the whole city
so light-hearted
along the road together walking half-mile long street
still remembering streetlight shining a face of yellow
and illuminating that set of lukewarm take-out
silhouetted your face-contour looks too good
after freezing tears to dare look carefully
     *forgetting sky earth    feels like unable to think of oneself
yet not forgetting both agreed to watch all over sky yellow leaves flying far
if will with you separate  melacholic drama
have to determine to forget then i cannot remember
tomorrow's sky earth only afraid not recognizing oneself
yet not forgetting with you agreed to meet as if having no death
despite your strong wide chest cannot fight weather
two temples hoary can still recognize you*
still remembering that day guitar's chord
still understanding every segment of melody's curvature
that day street corner flowed your voice
along the road journey like a song diminishing
despite your strong wide chest
cannot fight weather
two temples hoary can still recognize you


Merely Appease

originally wanted to depress nicely
wanted to be indulgent   but without trace of tears
wanted to ask  'yet do not have the continuing script'
really want to love each other nicely
thinking of future    yet without the present
thinking of yesterday   yet facing the future
*i do not have much   anything is sporadic
i do not ask you
why do you ask me what do i want*
@if my world has no aspiration
towards you yet having unjustified hopes
you want to constrain
merely appease  merely appease
i towards you even having no unjustified hopes
yet have to arrange for happiness
i will constrain
merely appease   merely appease@
really want to embrcae each other nicely
want to dream  but have no contents
want to yell yet have no stance
really want to nicely (nicely) want to be profligate
but do  not busy anything
want to be happy yet do not have honey



besides that your fibrous roots too tender
that face of beautiful countenance do not tear
besides that new shirt will not get holes
you should be conside#000080 complete
to possess you is an exceedingly satisfying aspiration
*together drink sleep together drunk
not happy  together to feel hollow
together wrong and together right
both have each other
both have toys
together forward or together backward
cannot together lose*
hair that coloring could be changed
eyes' end that brow would too change styles
dislike this place too crowded and then move
to change this big door
world too boring and will only have you to play with me
repeat *


I Believe

heard that having belief will go to heaven
i know
heard that better than cozy cozy double bed
why doubt
your and my opinions always the same
perhaps can beno need to hesitate
future's things heard that sky knows
*and  i believe i believe i believe
please trust my foolishness
come i believe i believe i am willing to believe
good sayings i listen fully
i believe not i believe not i believe not
to find who to point out my stray path
if guessed right  why not willing to comply*
heard that the darkest place has light
i know
heard that world has a beautiful future
why doubt
heard that loved and  love once more
will right away   not at all doubting
future's things do not have to know too soon
repeat *
whatever   it's good
can believe    so free
repeat **