Help Yourself
[Cinepoly, May 1997] Isn't Cinepoly wick? They release the new songs in EPs and make us Fayenatics buy them and pay more. "On Time" is a great soft hit among Fayenatics and the public; but the three remixes doesn't deserve to be mentioned, because they are not just bad... they're unbearable and they totally destroyed the original song. "Guardian Angel" is written by Wong Ka Keung of Beyond, and Faye's vocals in the song is so cool. If there's any good that come of this is that I hope in the future, Faye and Beyond can collaborate more.

Track & Title
1On Time
2Guardian Angel
3Help Yourself
4Di-Dar (Historical Remix)
5Promise (Discovery Remix)
6Sleepwalk (ڹC) (Universal Remix)

Translated Lyrics

On Time

It'll be fine, if you are willing,
even if this feeling, came too late
The words and phrases that have never been said before
Written onto my hand, and let my emotions soar

Once only, no need for twice,
let me peacefully listen to you, repeating our warm past
Especially with your touching stories,
please let me know, what can be as beautiful as that

*Love's destiny is never on time,
if it's really okay, that we're still not
together when my hair turns white is not too late
Lovers are never on time,
perhaps it'll be fine, to let me be wholely happy for once*

Please, if you are willing, give me...
all the old photos, to make up for the past
The lovely scenes still not encountered,
those empty pages, to accompany me smiling into insomnia

It'll be fine, if you are willing,
let me admire once again, the innocence of youth
That moving, smiling face after maturity,
how will it develop, how has the
brows and the eyes transformed



Guardian Angel

Angel, as vague as what's behind your back
Angel, that I am, perhaps it's not your concern
To be able to guard you
And care nothing at all about my own
Whole-heartedly guarding you
Something innately given to me

Angel, for you, but it won't be your duty to love me
Angel, it's me, carrying on my back the past's blame

Who has told God to be fair
That I must do extraordinary things
So He has made me bright
To punish me for once being
not holy in anything

(Perhaps this angel is not good enough)
Standing in your way all the time
(I passed by but probably you didn't know)
As long as the sky hasn't grown old
(Ageing toward death with you is also beautiful)
Wasting away myself, to also pray for, you to be fine
(But you never realized that
I prayed for yours, better than mine)

The worst for me and the best for you to possess
If the sky falls down I'll be there to warn against
The light is for you and the dark for me to possess
Even if you resist and because of you I fall amiss
Obsessed, Obsessed
Like an angle guarding you


Help Yourself

If you don't get used,
don't afraid of trouble,
don't afraid of trouble
It's me a little bit lazy,
don't have much time
It's my body,
ought to be thrown to barren land
This affection is unlike to the samples,
you don't need to return
Like a discarded empty can,
let us play in rubbish
If you're unsatisfactory,
how can I dare to feel contented
Let this world judge,
no matter how evolute, it still the same
I only need half of this life
Let your hands get control
Future is what I don't need
Help yourself and take it please
Otherwise, who can I give it to?
Freedom is what I don't like to have
Please come and take it away
Fate is what I don't concern
Usually to be with you,
no need to hand it to anyone
Value is what I don't know how to protect
If you didn't come,
I don't know I have to fight for
Help yourself and take it
Take it please



Music: Faye Wong		Lyrics: Lin Xi

Don't want to steal a second's glance at you
For fear that I'll suddenly break into a smile
That I'll naturally love to no end
That I'll suddenly scream
For the soul to disengage, disengage, disengage

Don't want to listen to your heartbeat
For fear that you'll suddenly wake
That you'll naturally say the night's too late
That you need to leave
I suddenly break into tears,
break into tears, break into tears

Don't want to own any sum of you
For fear that I'll suddenly remember
That you're actually too important
I suddenly find it hard to breathe
Will suddenly feel like screaming,
feel like jumping, feel like wanting


Sleepwalk (ڹC)

Looking at his eyes thinking of someone else
He stays but not his heart
Looking at night lights but thinking of white clouds
This night this way is too boring
Yet that time that night was so captivating

*Can't understand the noisy jesting
Dazed amidst the crowd  Seems like I'm all hollowed out
Empty arms seem to embrace
Appears to be me but it's not
Yet I have my own dreams to make

#Sleepwalk to your feelings  there won't be boundaries
The sky and earth appear so free
People actually love to sleepwalk
There's too much cursing when awake
This flighty reality I feel I really own a piece of

Let my moods develop
Immersed in the bustle but my heart isn't here
Mumbling to myself, inspiration is flying
Sitting in the car as though flying across fields
This stifles boredom
but my moods are so entangled

(repeat *# )

Sky and earth are free

(repeat *##)

Love to sleepwalk   Freer than sky and earth
Only sleepwalk   Find no boundaries
Need to sleepwalk   Freer than sky and earth
Let me sleepwalk   Find no boundaries