Faye in Taiwan 31st Oct 1999 -- Faye is going to be in Taiwan from 2nd Nov 1999 to 7th Nov 1999 for some promotional work. There won't be any mini concerts or autograph session. BUT....she's going to talk to her fans on the net from JUICE See the schedule above for details.  Source: EMI Taiwan

31st Oct 1999 -- Faye's song "Spectacular" (ºë ±m) dipped all way down to No. 13 this week at Aiyiya Top20 Chinese Popchart while "I Love Chopin" went up another two places to No. 7.

26th Oct 1999 -- Steve has bought some pictures from Sino Center. View them Taiwan 921 || Zhuhai concert  Source: Singapore Fayenatics Home

24th Oct 1999 -- Faye's song "Spectacular" (ºë ±m) is No.7 at FM93.3 chart, down 2 places from last week No.5. "The Moon Then" (·í ®É ªº ¤ë «G) is No.1!! up 2 places from last week No.3.  Source: Singapore Fayenatics Home

23rd Oct 1999 -- Faye's song "Spectacular" (ºë ±m) is up to No. 1 (Yeah!!) and "I Love Chopin" is down two places to No. 9 this week at Aiyiya Top20 Chinese Popchart.

22nd Oct 1999 -- Faye's commersial for J-phoone is now showing up on the billboards in Japan. This is Faye in Kobe. Thanks to Odun for the link.

21st Oct 1999 -- Faye Wong making waves in Japan - Faye Wong is making waves in the Japanese market with an advertising campaign for the cellular phone company “J-Phone”, which began October 1, 1999 in Kansai. Faye will be J-Phone’s spokeswoman in Kansai while the company’s spokesman in Tokyo will be Norika Fujiwara.

According to Faye's manager Chen Jia-ying, this is merely the first in a three-part ad campaign. All three parts will be shot within a year; the second part is scheduled to be completed in December and the third next March. Faye is also the spokesman in a cosmetic company’s advertising campaign in Japan.

On a sidenote, Faye has been getting along with co-star Takuya Kimura on the set of Wong Kai Wai's "2046". Takuya asked Faye for a copy of her CD, but Faye did not ask him for anything. Chen also dispelled rumors about a robotic dog in the movie.  Source: Ta Kung Pao

21st Oct 1999 -- Alvin Lu has written an article about Faye in "San Francisco Bay Guardian". Read it here.

21st Oct 1999 -- Dou Wei comes clean? Read the article in Asia E-Online

20th Oct 1999 -- Faye is the cover girl of Cashbox Magazine!

19th Oct 1999 -- Gong Li plays role of Lady Butterfly in 2046 - In Asia E-Online you can read the following: "It's finally official. International star Gong Li has accepted Wong Kar Wai's invitation for the role of Lady Butterfly for his new movie 2046 which boasts a stellar cast like Maggie Cheung, Faye Wong, Tony Leung and Takuya Kimura. Originally to be played by Carina Lau, the decision to replace Carina arise as there was no way for Carina to get 20 pounds "heavier" for this role of Lady Butterfly. Gong Li was then chosen because she is deemed "perfectly" endowed. Poor Carina. The svelte actress was passed over for the role of Mulan recently 'coz she was considered too "busty", and now she's too "thin"?"

18th Oct 1999 -- ­µ ¼Ö Ây ¤H (Music Poacher) section in FM93.3 features Faye's interview in i-weekly. Listen || Download  Source: Singapore Fayenatics Home

17th Oct 1999 -- 100 Years Solitude MTV (Coloured Version) Download  Source: Singapore Fayenatics Home

17th Oct 1999 -- Faye's song "Spectacular" (ºë ±m) is No.5 at FM93.3 chart, down 2 places from last week No.3. "The Moon Then" (·í ®É ªº ¤ë «G) is No.3!! up 7 places from last week No.10.  Source: Singapore Fayenatics Home

15th Oct 1999 -- Faye's song "Spectacular" (ºë ±m) is No. 2 and "I Love Chopin" is No. 7 this week at Aiyiya Top20 Chinese Popchart.

14th Oct 1999 -- Rumour is that Faye's Hong Kong Concert CD will be release at the end of this year, probably in November! Could anybody confirm?

14th Oct 1999 -- Zhuhai concert Part 2! Doomsday | Dream Lover | I'm Willing | No Regrets  Source: Singapore Fayenatics Home

14th Oct 1999 -- Faye's new album "Only Love Strangers" (¥u ·R ­¯ ¥Í ¤H) still remains at No.1 at Singapore's SPVA chart for the 5th consecutive since its release on 10th Sept 1999.  Source: Singapore Fayenatics Home

12th Oct 1999 -- Is it for real - Ah, Faye caught me in bed. Read the article in The Electric New Paper about the new book by (?) Dou Wei.

11th Oct 1999 -- Today is actually one year since Faye's mother passed away. Please, think of Faye today.

10th Oct 1999 -- Zhuhai concert talking and singing for download!!!  Talk 1 | Talk 2 | Talk 3 | Talk 4 | Last Blossom | Overturn | Hypnotized  Source: Singapore Fayenatics Home

8th Oct 1999 -- Someone from Faye's newsgroup has made a very nice midi on "Nostalgia" (Ãh ©À)  Download  Source: Singapore Fayenatics Home

6th Oct 1999 -- Faye's new album "Only Love Strangers" (¥u ·R ­¯ ¥Í ¤H) remains at No.1 at Singapore's SPVA chart for the fourth week since its release on 10th Sept 1999. As for the Universal released album "Wishing Long Last" (¦ý Ä@ ¤H ªø ¤[), it's down one notch from last week No.7 to No. 8. Faye STILL has 2 albums in top 10!!  Source: Singapore Fayenatics Home

5th Oct 1999 -- Didar has put together a nice page about Faye's J-phone commercial including pics and a the real video! Visit Didar's nice pages to get it all.

5th Oct 1999 -- "The Moon Then" is still No. 1 in Channel V chart in Singapore, for the second week running!

4th Oct 1999 -- After singing the theme song of the popular game "Final Fantasy VIII" for gaming company Square, Faye Wong's name has been on a rise in Japan. Because of this, a Japanese mobile phone company, J-Phone, has asked her to do a commercial for them. Faye's commercial will be broadcasted in Kyoto and Osaka area, while Norika Fujiwara's will be broadcasted in Tokyo. Faye's ranking in Japan matches with Norika. The commercial of Fayestarted filming on 9/11, but it did not take place in Japan. Instead, the Japanese filming team flew to Hong Kong and rented a studio in an suburban area to shooting the commercial.   Source: GrooveAsia

3rd Oct 1999 -- Faye's song "Spectacular" (ºë ±m) is No.3 at FM93.3 chart, down 2 places from last week No.1. "The Moon Then" (·í ®É ªº ¤ë «G) enters the chart for the first time at No.15!!.  Source: Singapore Fayenatics Home

2nd Oct 1999 -- Faye was one of the performing artists that were involved in the China's National Day Celebration ceremony held in Hong Kong yesterday. She appeared twice during the show where she sang "The Moon Then" and followed by a traditional Chinese folk song.

Faye disclosed yesterday that the first time she was involved in China National Celebration was back in 1984. It was during her secondary school days where she was selected to represent the school to take part in the celebration. Faye said that China has made tremendous progress throughout the years and she is very proud to be called a Chinese. Four pics to be found here

Read more about the event in Sun Daily, Oriental Daily, Singtao Daily, Takung Pao, Apple Daily and Mingpao  Source: Singapore Fayenatics Home

1st Oct 1999 -- Read the translation of the interview with Faye from AMY magazine here, thanks to Didar