Faye Wong From Beginning
[EMI, August 26, 2004] Here is the second unique box in just a couple of months. If you recently found Faye, you're a really lucky person. It contains all Faye's Cinapoly releases with 2 exceptions, a total of 9 CDs. It's not so much to say about it really, all these CDs is a much for a Fayenatic. If you already got 2 or 3, then go ahead and buy the whole bunch. Later on we can expect the different CDs to be released individually, so it might be that you want to hang on a little. Follow the links below to the albums respectivly to get the details, and to see whether it's been released as a separate re-released CD as well.
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Track & Title
1 Wong Ching Man (1989)
2 Everything (1990)
3 You're The Only One (1990)
4 Coming Home (1992)
5 No Regrets (1993)
6 100,000 Whys? (1993)
7 Random Thinking (1994)
8 Ingratiate Oneself (1994)
9 Di-Dar (1995)